Cyre Look To Poetry and Female Orgasms for New Fashion Film

by SHOWstudio on 23 July 2021

The sensory candle brand commissioned a fashion film to unfurl the notes of their 'Eros' scent.

The sensory candle brand commissioned a fashion film to unfurl the notes of their 'Eros' scent.

Making the intangible, tangible, is what sensory brand Cyre do best. Launching earlier this year, founders Rebecca Lazar and Cynthia El Frenn plan to attack all five of our senses with their candles and accompanying art projects. Inviting creatives to respond to Cyre's five candle scents, the latest commission brings to Eros to life.

With this particular scent containing notes of dirty florals and smokey undertones, Eros is made in the spirit of hedonism. Artists Anna Rosova and Caroline Krager's film ruminates on the energies behind the scent, exploring themes of lust, sexuality and distinct female power. 'What is it about female sexuality that still feels so closed off, trying to reach for something intangible, explain the unexplainable? Is it that it seems to be ruled by mystery, by what’s being revealed and expressed and what’s intentionally hidden?', they ask the viewer.

Wearing young designers Maroske Peech, Johannes Warnke and MØY Atelier ++, Xiaoqiao Wang plays the modern day Eros - the goddess of love and passion. Throughout, a poem is read out: 'Women are baked alaskas.' Just like the candles, the film Oscillating between being the gun, the wound and the ointment is open to individual interpretation. A selection of stills also accompanies the project.

'Oscillating between being the gun, the wound and the ointment'



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