Dior Talks: The Podcast With An Aim to Spotlight Women

by SHOWstudio on 15 March 2021

In celebration of womanhood, the 'Dior Talks' podcast releases their sixth series titled 'Feminism' with one aim: to shine the spotlight on female talent.

In celebration of womanhood, the 'Dior Talks' podcast releases their sixth series titled 'Feminism' with one aim: to shine the spotlight on female talent.

In light of the increasing demand for women to be seen, heard and more importantly, listened to, Dior's creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri is dedicating the sixth series of the Dior Talks podcast to women she admires and is inspired by. The sixth series, Feminism, gives a voice to the women who have inspired Maria Grazia Chiuri, both professionally and personally, and who have been involved in collaborations with the house that Chiuri has orchestrated and championed since her arrival in 2016.

The series was unveiled on 12th March last week, in the days following International Women's Rights Day. This seems rather fitting when you consider the contradictory and horrific events of the past week alone. Last Monday saw the world commemorate (or pretend to celebrate) International Women's Rights Day, pictures of the suffragettes were shared, and people rejoiced in the name of womanhood - although this was only to last for a short period of time before being interrupted by the backlash and slander Meghan Markle received for her Oprah interview. The week's events began to unfold as women and men - in their hundreds - took to social media to share ways in which men can help women feel safe, in light of the recent murder of Sarah Everard in Clapham. Saturday followed with a respectable vigil held in the 33-year-old's memory (before being abruptly and viciously attacked by the metropolitan police force for 'not complying with COVID-19 regulations'). This mainly was brushed under the carpet as Sunday's newspaper headlines chose to put Kate Middleton on the front cover rather than a frightful image of an innocent woman being arrested for paying their respects to another innocent woman who was murdered by that very same police force. The week ended with the nation coming together again to celebrate mother's day - seemingly forgetting the monstrosity and vicious attacks made apparent in the past week on mothers and their daughters. if you're as equally disturbed as us over the past week's events, you can read our news piece on how to stand up for women today, here.

It's been just over 100 years since women gained the right to vote, yet voices are still being suppressed, and the figures meant to 'protect' are still abusing their power. In a time where everything feels uncertain, it's more important than ever to champion the work of female artists and make spaces for female voices. The series Feminism as part of the Dior Talks podcast will be hosted by the London-based journalist and biographer Justine Picardie and will help provide a stimulating outlet for influential voices to talk candidly about their lives, motivations and challenges they've overcome, also noting their hopes for the future.

The first episode – featuring choreographer Sharon Eyal – can now be discovered on podcasts.dior.com, alongside all podcast platforms.



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