Dr. Martens Launch 'Talking Tough' Podcast Series

by SHOWstudio on 9 October 2019

Dr. Martens launch 'Talking Tough', a new podcast series championing resilient individuals.

Dr. Martens launch 'Talking Tough', a new podcast series championing resilient individuals.

Dr. Martens have launched 'Talking Tough', a new podcast series championing resilient individuals. Hosted by model, spokesperson and SHOWstudio panelist, Georgia Moot, the first series will be made up of six episodes, with support from streaming mogul Spotify. Throughout the series, guests will join Georgia to discuss tough topics, from body positivity and ethnic diversity in the fashion industry to feminism and sexuality. Dr. Martens say, ' If you've ever fallen hard but bounced back harder, this is for you'.

'I love that Dr. Martens is giving me a platform to engage in transparent and authentic conversations. I’m a model and studied sociology, so have always had an interest in society and people. I believe it is so important to highlight the unique and diverse circumstances of each guest, and encourage shared experiences & wellbeing,' explains Moot.

Given the lack of a visual element, fashion’s sudden embrace of audio content is somewhat surprising, yet Dr. Martens are joining a wave of fashion companies turning to podcasts. In May 2018 Gucci launched the Gucci Podcast, consisting of interviews with house creative director Alessandro Michele's collaborators, including singer Florence Welch and the Harlem designer Dapper Dan. Each episode is recorded in a different location and meant to paint a more vivid picture of the brand’s larger story. In June 2018 Maison Margiela launched The Memory Of...with John Galliano, a program that, like Gucci’s, gives listeners a deeper look into the inspirations behind Margiela’s latest collections and product launches.

Dr. Martens' choice of promoting conversations around mental health is also riding the zeitgeist. It's indisputable that fashion professionals across the board face an uncompromising set of pressures in constantly creating newness. In 2016 Business of Fashion published an opinion piece asking 'Does Fashion Have a Mental Health Problem?' and in 2018 they reported on student suicides and drug abuse at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, which were attributed to high pressure - it's clear that whether you're an intern or a creative director, fashion has some work to do on making the industry a safer place to work. Here's hoping this podcast - and the wave of mental health conversations - starts the ball rolling on that change.

Talking Tough will be available to listen on Spotify.

Georgia Moot for Dr. Martens 'Talking Tough'.
Georgia Moot for Dr. Martens 'Talking Tough'.


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