DRESSX Launch Wearables on Gaming Platform Roblox

by Hetty Mahlich on 19 April 2022

The metafashion retailer are the latest to hook up with the gamer's paradise.

The metafashion retailer are the latest to hook up with the gamer's paradise.

DRESSX, the leading digital-only fashion marketplace founded in 2020, where users can buy virtual garments and wear them through photo dressing and augmented reality technology, have launched a metaverse-ready collection with the online gaming platform Roblox. Having launched their first NFT (non-fungible token) retail space last month, the tie-up with Roblox is the latest addition to their ever-growing 'Metacloset' which aims to make digital fashion more accessible.

Roblox, founded in 2006, has played a key role in the accelerating current trend for fashion and gaming. Brands such as Louis Vuitton have created in-game outfits for League of Legends by Riot Games, with Moncler x 1017 9SM Alyx, and Balenciaga, doing the same for Fortnite. In November 2021, Roblox collaborated with the Fashion Awards in London in to create a virtual experience where players could walk the red carpet, inviting the general public to take part in the invite-only event. Previously, they also partnered with Gucci to host Gucci Garden, a two-week long exhibition which also took form in the real life Gucci Garden exhibition space in Florence. Their new partnership with DRESSX, which offers a collection of digital wearables to be used across Roblox experiences, suggests that players' interest in growing their virtual wardrobes is only increasing.

DRESSX Halloween 2021 Warrior Queen dress, available for photo dressing and on Roblox

The DRESSX Metaverse wearable collection features 12 designs which include a variety of wardrobe items, from everyday essentials like a sweatshirt, to dress-up items such as festival attire. Created using Roblox's new 'Layered Clothing' system, the wearables will fit to any avatar's body type. Roblox revealed that one in five of their most active community members update their avatars on a daily basis, however limitations in how representational, or experimental, our virtual avatars can be in digital spaces was highlighted last year in a paper by the Institute of Digital Fashion, so it's promising to see leaders in the space making changes to ensure users can express their identities exactly how they like.

'Building DRESSX as a metacloset of digital-only clothes, NFT fashion items, and AR looks, we believe 3D fashion wearables should be easily accessible to wear across various digital events and social gatherings, similar to the way we access physical closets in real life. We are excited to provide the best quality digital dressing on avatars using the new Layering Clothing system from Roblox and to use the DRESSX app to deliver a seamless experience of wearing digital fashion in real time', DRESSX founders Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova say.

The collection is now available for purchase at the cost of between 50 to 200 ROBUX (Roblux currency), wearable on Roblox and in user photos and videos via the AR in the DRESSXapp.



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