Gabriela Hearst Takes on Seoul With New Boutique

by SHOWstudio on 19 January 2023

The Chloé creative director has taken to the streets of Seoul to expand her designs overseas and debut her eponymous line.

The Chloé creative director has taken to the streets of Seoul to expand her designs overseas and debut her eponymous line.

Greeting the streets that birthed K-POP, Gabriela Hearst's minimalistic, future-proof vision finds a home at the Hyundai department store, Apgujeong Main Branch in South Korea, with the Nomad collection; the first space to accommodate a large array of pieces from Nomad.

Despite Hearst's upbringing contradicting that of most designers (it's common knowledge Hearst spent her childhood on her family's ranch in Uruguay), it's clear the designer has used her farm-orientated roots to become acquainted with natural and organic materials, resulting in collections that encourage world change for the better; a notion that has proven itself with her latest commissioning of makers Benji Gavron and Antoine Dumas to bring Nomad to life.

Gabriela Hearst Seoul store

Working on a series of fine furniture for the store, Gavron and Dumas' role in the collection has strengthened Hearst's own desire to work with artisans that use local or 'upcycled' timber. More than a set of furniture that fosters similar values, Hearst considers Nomad as 'an ode to a way of making that the modern world has left behind' with each piece having taken on a new life before, nodding to Hearst's continuation with the craftsmanship traditions that respect nature's natural rhythms.

Consisting of 21 finely handcrafted pieces of wood and leather furniture, it's been announced that Hyundai Main is the first location to house a such a large artisanal selection from Nomad . Dumas and Gavron collaborated with three different Korean-based woodworking studios to achieve such a level of excellency, accentuating the importance of local artisanal produce. Each studio crafted parts of the collection from technical drawings, collaborating on aspects of joinery and engineering.

Gabriela Hearst Seoul store

'Gabi gave us complete creative freedom within the parameters of making what Gabriela Hearst stands for, crafted locally, with local timbers that have fallen naturally, or are up-cycled from prior functions, ' Dumas and Gavron confirmed in a statement. 'This project's aesthetic uses ornamental detailing such as leather inlays and complex wood shaping to emphasise the beauty of the timber and the outstanding skills of the local Korean artisans.'

The residence will also stock pieces from Gabriela Hearst women's collections, boasting ready-to-wear, fine merino wool and cashmere knitwear, and an array of footwear and handbags. Speaking on this special partnership, the creative director expressed:

'I am very lucky that I work with some of the best creatives in the world, I can say it seldom happens when somebody understands you intrinsically and your aesthetic. It was instantaneous with Antoine (Dumas) & Benji (Gavron).'

Gabriela Hearst Seoul store


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