Gender in the Metaverse Explored in New Exhibition Featuring Nick Knight

by SHowstudio on 24 January 2023

Featuring works by a collective of creatives, POSTGENDER looks to highlight how identity is represented in Web3 spaces.

Featuring works by a collective of creatives, POSTGENDER looks to highlight how identity is represented in Web3 spaces.

At this point, we could think of the metaverse much like the Wild Wild West. That is, there is a level of lawlessness about the novel space that allows us to push boundaries and test the limits of what’s possible IRL. We’ve seen this aesthetically with avatars taking on fantastical appearances that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in physical spaces. From wings to scales, the limits for self-expression in the world of Web3 knows no bounds making it an exciting space for artists to explore. But what about more complex ideas like gender? Well, that’s exactly the focus of NFT Biennal’s latest exhibition POSTGENDER.


Presented by NFT Biennial, Vellum LA and UnicornDAO, POSTGENDER is bringing together a collective of digital creatives — including Jazzelle, Nick Knight and ikon-1 — the exhibit looks to explore the paradigms of gender identity within the metaverse through digital art. The exhibition was curated by Alice Scope and UnicornDAO’s head curator Chanel Verdult as a means to challenge narratives that have long-defined societal expectations while introducing new ideas about how gender identity can be defined in virtual spaces. Not restrained by the laws of physics, virtual spaces have allowed for more progressive identities to spawn online.

ikon-1 at POSTGENDER

With NFT Biennial's aims to showcase NFT art through phygital events, POSTGENDER will take place at the Melrose art gallery Vellum LA. Featuring gender-related artworks by Crosslucid, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Evelyn Bencicoa, Huntrezz, Martina Menegon, Nicole Ruggiero, Operator, Tabitha Swanson, and Yatreda, the exhibition not only wants to broach a discussion, but it also wants to introduce a wider audience to the world of digital art.

POSTGENDER opens on 26 January at Vellum LA.




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