Get Your Tickets for a Screening of 'Cabaret' with Gareth Pugh

by Sarah Kathryn Cleaver on 20 January 2020

SHOWstudio launches an intimate film screening series with Cabaret (1972) presented by Gareth Pugh.

SHOWstudio launches an intimate film screening series with Cabaret (1972) presented by Gareth Pugh.

SHOWstudio are excited to launch Studio Screenings, an intimate film screening series in collaboration with Sony, kicking off with one of London’s most celebrated designers Gareth Pugh presenting Cabaret (1972).

Hosted in SHOWstudio’s Ebury Street studio, the fashion designer and long-time SHOWstudio collaborator Gareth Pugh will share a film that has influenced him with an intimate audience of fashion fans. To bring the film to life, the designer will be adding an experiential aspect by transforming the space, and bringing in some special guests to host the night in true Cabaret style. Champagne will be served courtesy of Veuve Clicquot. The screening will kick off with a short programme of Pugh and SHOWstudio’s fashion film work, and end with time for a brief Q&A with Pugh.

‘Film and fashion are very much wedded together in numerous ways - fashion designers influence films, and films define fashion and influence how people dress - and we wanted to acknowledge and explore that. I wanted to get our favourite contributors into SHOWstudio to choose films that were important to them and chat about the themes that emerge; I like the very personal nature of that. It’s an intimate and friendly gesture, to share the physicality of SHOWstudio as a place and not just a name.’ - Nick Knight

Still from Gareth Pugh's A/W 17 fashion film

Pugh has selected Bob Fosse’s musical Cabaret (1972), a film that he has drawn on repeatedly in his work, both visually and conceptually. Set in Weimar Berlin, Cabaret stars Liza Minelli as Sally Bowles, a carefree cabaret singer struggling to stay ‘divinely decadent’ against the troubling political shifts of 1930s Germany.

For Pugh’s politically motivated Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, the show notes drew parallels between the current political climate and the one portrayed in Cabaret; ‘It’s about fight or flight. The cultural pendulum has swung to the right. The veil has been lifted. As a designer, how do you deal with that? It’s like that moment in Cabaret – “In here life is beautiful!” – as outside the world burns. Do you look it in the eye, or do you look away? That’s the critical question. It defines who you are.’

For those who miss the one-off screening, additional content will be released later to mark the event, including an interview with Pugh on the creative and cultural influence of Cabaret on his life and work.

Tickets are extremely limited, so book now to avoid disappointment.


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