Gucci Presents Gifting Galore in New Campaign

by SHOWstudio on 26 November 2021

Settling on another nostalgic-infused retro tone for their 2021 Christmas campaign, Gucci finds inspiration in the idea of the mix tape for the festive season.

Settling on another nostalgic-infused retro tone for their 2021 Christmas campaign, Gucci finds inspiration in the idea of the mix tape for the festive season.

2021 has been a whopper of a year for Gucci as it marked the house's centenary. Celebrating the Italian luxury label's 100th birthday in serious style throughout the year, creative director Alessandro Michele worked hard to release a series of initiatives marking the all-important occasion. Settling once more on the incomparable links between fashion and music, which have featured in the Pre-Fall 2017 campaign through to last month's Gucci 100, the house's Christmas gift campaign for 2021 centres on the retro concept of a bygone analogue era.

The mixtape was Gucci's starting point for a festive journey into four distinct worlds, each one thematic and in line with the perfect holiday gift. Each 'track' is lensed by a different photographer, adding a distinguished look to each corresponding theme.

Track one includes the Hacker Project, debuted at the Gucci Aria digital show, which dives deep into the viral collision of Michele's Gucci and Demna Gvasalia's Balenciaga. As pieces from the Hacker Project are given a new life, enriched through the lens of Harley Weir, this capsule is only for fashion's most dedicated; those who would appreciate the spectacular collision between each house's distinct codes. From the 'Jackie 1961' bag enriched with a diagonal Balenciaga print, to the Balenciaga 'City' bag in GG canvas and Gvasalia's infamous 'Triple S' sneaker reimagined in the Gucci 'Flora; print, these are more than mere stocking fillers.

Track One: the 'Hacker Project' by Harley Weir

Track two falls into the category of Horse Racing Motifs, with the ubiquity of equestrianism speaking to Gucci Aria's explicit homage to the house's heritage - founder Guccio Gucci fabricated the brand's ties to horse riding to increase cultural cache. This section was reinterpreted through Shanghai-based photographer Leslie Zhang's lens, capturing the colourful geometric patterns which include vibrant circles, checks, and stripes.

Track three moves into the area of lifestyle and décor, showcasing items courtesy of up and coming photographer Lorena Lohr, tapping into the house's recently launched lifestyle collection. Unique gift ideas for the home are explored in depth here, including porcelain pieces, stationery and patterned blankets, which - in its homely nature - contrasts the crystal-embellished party theme that belongs to track four, centring around a pinnacle night of the year, New Year's Eve.

As an ode to this bittersweet date on the calendar, and in part, the final chapter of the Gucci Gift campaign - track four is shot by Hanna Moon. Embroidered lace is presented alongside 90s-style velvet pieces, with one red velvet suit in particular - a look that opened the Gucci Aria show -nodding to a well-known and much-loved Gucci predecessor; we'll let you guess who. Sensuality and party looks are the key clues here, don't lose focus in the guessing game.

Track two: Horse Racing Motifs by Leslie Zhang

This year's luxurious green, burgundy and black sustainable gift packaging comes decorated with the Gucci 100 logo in diverse fonts - another nod to the house's centenary. With logomania 2.0 in full swing, the Hacker Project also has its own packaging featuring both Gucci and Balenciaga branding.

Track three: Lifestyle and Décor by Lorena Lohr
Track four: NYE by Hanna Moon



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