Gucci Release Film By Sean Vegezzi Documenting The North Face x Gucci Collaboration

by SHOWstudio on 6 January 2021

In celebration of The North Face x Gucci collaboration, Gucci have commissioned artist Sean Vegezzi to create a short film documenting the partnership.

In celebration of The North Face x Gucci collaboration, Gucci have commissioned artist Sean Vegezzi to create a short film documenting the partnership.

Last month, Gucci teamed up with The North Face to create a collection that celebrated the outdoors. The campaign embodied Gucci's glamour while simultaneously incorporating the practicality of The North Face. An ode to adventure, the partnership celebrates the spirit of exploration and the natural world; something we can all confidently say we've lacked over the past year thanks to the multiple lockdowns and Government Yo-yos. The campaign embodied a 70s aesthetic which was eerily reminiscent of Alessandro Michele's well-loved period and The North Face heyday, (shortly after they launched in 1966.) If you want to read more about the collaboration and the pieces featured, you can read all about it here.

To understand the reason behind the collaboration happening in the first place and the all-important behind-the-scenes clips, Gucci commissioned artist Sean Vegezzi to collate the reasons as to why the partnership came together in a documentary film. Unveiling the collaboration between the two brands, the documentary uncovers the notion that The North Face and Gucci are worlds apart and that they actually share more history and values than you may think, bringing their audiences together. The film delves into the literal, metaphorical and spiritual meanings of the outdoors and the relationship human beings have with nature and the world around us, commenting on the unity between beauty and practicality; featuring conversations from Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele, The North Face design manager of global collaborations, archives, and special projects, David Whetstone and many of the craftsmen and design team who helped the collection come to life.

Within the first 5 seconds of the film starting, Michele touches upon the false narrative that man is separate from nature, and instead, enforces his belief that they're completely intertwined. 'There is a big mistake, made by many in telling the story, of man as a separate or isolated element from nature. We are nature, and nature is us.' This sets the romantic tone of the documentary throughout that is told through the eyes of those who made the collaboration possible. The documentary film looks at the processes behind the making of the collection, focusing on individual details such as each stitch of a label or each popper added to a puffer jacket while revealing the explosive magnetism when two brands (in this case, The North Face and Gucci) become one.

Film credits

Director: Sean Vegezzi

Music by Alexander Ian Smith

Interviews with:

Gucci’s creative director: Alessandro Michele

The North Face design manager global collaborations, archives, and special projects: David Whetstone

Professional rock climber: Nina Williams

Graffiti artist: Post AOW


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