Gucci's New Chime Zine Is Paving The Way For Gender Equality

by SHOWstudio on 1 July 2021

For its next issue, the Gucci CHIME zine turns its head towards gender equality issues, choosing to feature leading voices from the next generation of women.

For its next issue, the Gucci CHIME zine turns its head towards gender equality issues, choosing to feature leading voices from the next generation of women.

While Alessandro Michele has been at the helm of Gucci, the designer has proven that the brand isn’t just about gender-fluid clothes, pretty frocks or luxurious beauty. Since 2013, Gucci has also been an avid campaigner for change through its Chime for Change charity, which focuses on promoting gender in 89 countries. Their latest CHIME zine, dedicated to championing gender equality everywhere, focuses on the trailblazers of the Generation Equality Forum (GEF), spotlighting the individual voices and youth activists that make up the GEF. Challenging power structures and driving action to resolve the some of the world’s most important issues, the youth leaders of the Generation Equality Forum represent a generation whose passion and feminist perspectives are being used to campaign for much-needed change.

Gucci's CHIME zine

Inspired by 1950s comic science-fiction zines and 90s Riot Grrrl zines, CHIME zine exists as a platform to encourage (and advance) gender equality for all, ensuring that 'gender is at the centre of the post-COVID agenda'. Released to coincide with the Generation Equality Forum in Paris, this issue of CHIME zine features voices worldwide from Argentina and Brazil to Kenya, Turkey, the United States and many more.

Addressing topics such as intimate partner violence, HIV/AIDS, disability, LGBTQIA+ rights, migration, period poverty and trafficking, the latest issue brings many different voices together, all calling upon action so these topics receive the global attention they rightfully deserve. Edited by Adam Eli and art directed by his creative partner MP5, the latest issue features contributions from the next generation of female voices and activists from young leaders Zahra Al Hilaly and Ilayda Eskitascioglu to anti-human trafficking advocate Racha Haffar and HIV activist Doreen Moraa Moracha.

Earlier this year, putting their money where their mouth is in order to strive to make their world a better place, Gucci joined as the private sector lead on the Feminist Movements & Leadership Action Coalition as part of the Generation Equality Forum helping international organisations to side with gender equality.

The CHIME zine is available on the Gucci Equilibrium platform.

Gucci's CHIME zine



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