Hood by Air Release Teaser Fashion Film 'The Prologue'

by SHOWstudio on 29 June 2021

Since the fashion label announced their comeback a couple of months ago, they've been laying low with limited drops, until now.

Since the fashion label announced their comeback a couple of months ago, they've been laying low with limited drops, until now.

After a three-year hiatus, Shayne Oliver's Hood by Air bounced back onto the fashion scene a couple of months ago, demanding streetwear isn't dead. Choosing to lay low since the announcement, this week has seen fashion's beloved New York brand make their first move since their reboot - a teaser to the full-length fashion visual called The Prologue debuted on the Instagram page of The Anonymous Club; a creative studio working in the idioms of fine art, installation, performance, music and product, also owned and run by Mr Oliver.

The small teaser acts as a preface to Hood by Air's upcoming runway show that will take place in July, predicting what the future will look like for civilisation, mankind and beyond. The dystopian setting is brought to life through Hood by Air's collection - adding to the theme of a paradoxical world through signature HBA shapes and silhouettes. Directed by Roger Guardia directed, the film is presented by Anonymous Club and Hood by Air with accompanying music by Anonymous Sound.

'The Prologue' by Hood by Air

In a statement about the short fashion film, the label commented:

'The essence of a Prologue is to create a foundational guideline that leads a series of events through transitional actions. The Prologue interprets the knowledge of the past while introducing the new characters of the future. Featuring exclusive Hood by Air attire, The Prologue is a visualiser that delivers a new perspective on characterisation.'

Last week, Oliver's Anonymous Club and founding artist Leech, delivered their Prologue Mixtape which premiered on radio network NTS. The Prologue visualiser is their first larger video made in collaboration and will premiere worldwide in July. You can also listen to the Prologue mixtape here.

The performance element that runs through Oliver's The Prologue details the designer's comeback and his return to what made his so successful in the first place - his understanding of how to put on an eye-catching show - catapulting the designer back to his showmanship roots. Through The Prologue, Oliver is cleverly maintaining direct lines of communication with a digital audience, albeit a new one. Always aware of the digital future fashion was desperately trying to embrace, it finally looks like fashion has managed to catch up with his vision during his hiatus - returning to a future that has never looked more digital (or dystopian for that matter).



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