Join The Black Friday Rebellion with VAMPED

by SHOWstudio on 19 November 2019

WhiP presents an anti-Black Friday immersive fashion event at Night Tales in Hackney.

WhiP presents an anti-Black Friday immersive fashion event at Night Tales in Hackney.

With the current climate condition and the fashion industry’s impact on such, we are progressively trying to become more conscious with the way we consume. It’s undeniable that Black Friday is an enabler of unethical consumption, with goods being sold fast and cheap to make space for new stock. This Black Friday, sustainable hair brand WhiP has banded together with Hackney-local sustainable fashion and arts businesses to create the unique, immersive fashion event ‘VAMPED’ with a focus on up-cycling or revamping fashion.

With all proceeds going towards non-profit charity Crisis - Together We Will End Homelessness, VAMPED invites you to be your own designer. Attendees are welcome to bring an ‘old’ item of clothing or an accessory and VAMP IT into a new creation using the wealth of design, crafts, and workshops the event provides to inspire the re-working of your old clothes to make anew. Partnering with local fashion label West Carolina and craft centre Make Town, attendees/Black-Friday-rebels can expect everything from seamstresses and sewing machines to help with alterations, to unique customisations with full access to patches, fringing, embellishments, printing, glue guns, etc. and vegan hair brand WhiP will also provide a hair and makeup transformation station.

The event features a full programme of live DJS and music, art and fashion performances, cocktails (and mocktails), and vegan and vegetarian food, will full performance line-up soon to come, and will also see fashion designers, influencers, pattern cutters/makers, and environmental shakers, and ethical crafters giving their tastemaker opinions.

VAMPED will take place on Saturday 30 November 2019 11am - 6pm at Night Tales, 14 Bohemia Place, Hackney Central, London E8 1DU.

The event will run for two sessions:

Lunchtime session 11am - 2pm

Afternoon session 2:30pm - 5:30pm

All proceeds from tickets sold go to the charity Crisis - Together We Will End Homelessness.

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Donate to Crisis - Together We Will End Homelessness here

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