Karl Lagerfeld Debut First NFT Collection

by SHOWstudio on 9 September 2021

The label are launching a line of exclusive figurines on the digital fashion platform The Dematerialised to mark the late designer's birthday.

The label are launching a line of exclusive figurines on the digital fashion platform The Dematerialised to mark the late designer's birthday.

To mark the late designer's birthday, the Karl Lagerfeld label are jumping on the NFT (non-fungible token) wave, which has taken the fashion industry by storm over the past year. Launching their first digital collectibles on The Dematerialised, a hub for digital fashion, the downloadable figurines play on Lagerfeld's iconic appearance: 'I am like a caricature of myself, and I like that', the designer once said.

The figurine is a continued play on Lagerfeld's signature attire of sunglasses, fingerless gloves and a tuxedo blazer, also seen in the brand's 'Ikonik' collection. The animated caricature will become increasingly customisable in future drops.

'The Lagerfeld brand continues to keep Karl’s legacy and love for innovation alive, and into the digital world. We are super proud to partner with the team at Karl Lagerfeld to bring the iconic Karl Collectible into the world of NFTs. Blockchain technology has opened the doors for new forms of consumption and production, and this collaboration is a tremendous milestone for the fashion industry entering the dematerialised world', said Marjorie Hernandez, co-founder of The Dematerialised.

Pier Paolo Righi, CEO and President of Karl Lagerfeld, added: 'This is a remarkable first step into the future as we pave our way into the virtual world of NFTs and digital fashion. We’re excited to add this innovative category to our portfolio and be able to inspire existing as well as new customers with this one-of-a- kind collectible.'

Available to purchase on The Dematerialised from 14:00 GMT on Friday 10 September, 2021, fans of the designer and his eponymous label also have the option to #PosewithKarl with two AR versions of Lagerfeld in Snapchat. With seven being Lagerfeld’s lucky number, the first version of the Karl Lagerfeld NFT collectible will have an availability of 777 digital figurines at a price of €77. The second, which features a sleek chrome finish, will be a run of 77, priced at €177. The launch will be powered by the less energy-intensive LUKSO blockchain.



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