Kate Moss Becomes The Most Iconic NFT Ever

by SHOWstudio on 9 April 2021

With digital assets steadily taking fashion by storm, the art collective MITNFT are auctioning a triptych of non-fungible tokens featuring the British supermodel.

With digital assets steadily taking fashion by storm, the art collective MITNFT are auctioning a triptych of non-fungible tokens featuring the British supermodel.

Calling all Kate Moss fans, of which there are many. On Tuesday 13 April, at 14:00 GMT, the art collective @MITNFT will be holding an auction of artworks featuring the British supermodel. No stranger to the artworld, Moss has famously been captured in the past by the painter Lucien Freud, the image-maker Sam Taylor Wood and the artist Allen Jones, amongst many others. The triptych series going on sale next week, however, is absolutely a product of the present day. A series of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), aka the non-interchangeable digital assets taking art, fashion and music by storm, will offer a the lucky buyers the opportunity to own a snapshot of one of the world's most adored faces, for all of time.

'Walk with Kate' still

The triptych Kate Moss: Moment In Time will be available in three one-off instalments; Drive with Kate, Walk with Kate and Sleep with Kate. The content is pretty self-explanatory, but what all have in common is that they invite the viewer into intimate moments in the supermodel's life.

'Art for me has always been about the moment. Time is the thing that there is never enough of and that waits for no-one, I’m intrigued by who will want to own a moment of mine', said Moss in a statement.

NFTs are the next big thing in the art market. The auction house Christie's recently sold an NFT by the digital artist Beeple for £50m. Although like most other NFTs, the digital assets, whether they be 3D shoes, songs, photographs or videos, are available to view and save online, only the buyer will have claim to the original file. This is non-interchangeable and is stored in the blockchain where NFTs live, forever. The buyer in this case, will also receive a unique audio certification recorded by Kate Moss alongside a post on @KateMossAgency.

'Drive with Kate' still

Moss is the first in @MITNFT's new series of sales, offering the world's most iconic figures as limited edition pieces of digital art. A portion of the Kate Moss sale will go to the women's mental health charity GURLS TALK, founded by fellow Brit and model Adwoa Aboah. Founded in 2016, GURLS TALK is a non-profit organisation providing a platform and safe space for young girls and women to discuss their experiences and access resources. On choosing the charity for the sale, Moss said: 'I was also drawn to the idea that this ownership [of the NFTs] can be used to help others in need hopefully gain more of it. I look forward to seeing this experiment through.'

When the auction opens on Tuesday for the first piece in the triptych, anyone can make the first bid. Sales will remain open for 24 hours. If a bid is made during the final 15 minutes, then time is continuously added on until there are no bids within this final window. View the works here.

'Sleep with Kate' still



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