Marine Serre Releases 'Amor Fati' Campaign For Her S/S 21 Collection

by SHOWstudio on 28 January 2021

Marine Serre explores existentialism and change through her S/S 21 campaign 'AMOR FATI.'

Marine Serre explores existentialism and change through her S/S 21 campaign 'AMOR FATI.'

In line with the COVID-19 restrictions, to showcase her S/S 21 collection, Marine Serre decided to create a short film titled AMOR FATI. The film AMOR FATI saw Serre collaborate with influential artists and friends alike, calling upon Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago to direct the short film, and composer Pierre Rousseau to create the music. The chosen cast was led by Iranian-Dutch singer Sevdaliza and Serre's close friend and collaborator, French artist Juliet Merie.

Celebrating the film and the S/S 21 collection, both which came out last year, Marine Serre has also recently released the AMOR FATI campaign to coincide. Photographed by Marc Hibbert and styled by Benoit Bethume Marine Serre's S/S 21 campaign features a black and white series of portraits of various models, brothers and sisters and families. Talents lent to the campaign also include hair stylist Ramona, makeup artist Nina Haverkamp, and manicurist Anais Cordevant. The portraits featured are akin to those of 90s high school annual school portraits; charming, sweet and incredibly endearing. (The cameo appearance of a black cat also adds an enchanting sense of magic.)

The AMOR FATI film that was released last summer with the S/S 21 collection subtly touched upon the ideas of change and adaption; two themes that are equally pertinent in today's society, especially when considering the effects of COVID-19. Many of us continue to change our lifestyle in 2021 as we did in the Summer of 2020 by making sacrifices to protect one another from the dangers of the global pandemic. (Although nothing has seemed to change in between.) Reflecting on this, Marine Serre cleverly interpreted the theme of adaption through subtle references in the film. The characters we see in AMOR FATI explore these changes through the idea of appearing to be seamlessly mutating as they move through three environments (each symbolic in their own way.) Travelling from a laboratory into a natural landscape and an underground water-world, the narrative resembles and reflects a human being's mobility in life.

Although the characters and scenes look fairly different in the S/S 21 AMOR FATI campaign when compared to the film, there is an equivocal sense of wonder that ties them together. Marine Serre said of the campaign, 'AMOR FATI reflects what we are going through and the existentialism in how we manage feelings in our daily life. AMOR FATI is an invitation to embrace all the outcome with no judgments.'

The clothes themselves feature sharp tailoring techniques seen through a duo-coloured 'moon lozenge' jacquard weave. While developing her sustainable practises, Marine Serre has used biodegradable nylon and a recycled moire fabric for her exaggerated utilitarian-style pieces, with a focus on bold accessories. Textures like laser engraved denim, latex and harnesses take centre stage in the denim department, and of course, the signature crescent moon shape we all know and love of Marine Serre can be seen throughout the collection. Athletic wear also makes an appearance, almost reminiscent of Power Rangers' costumes, with skin-tight bodysuits and knee-high boots. On the footwear front, Marine Serre has also debuted a new collaboration with design label Jimmy Choo, creating a modern range of footwear that complements the garments and adds a futuristic twist.


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