Martine Rose's S/S 21 Capsule Collection Is For Pub Goers Anywhere and Everywhere

by SHOWstudio on 25 May 2021

Martine Rose looks to the great pubs of Britain as inspiration for her next capsule collection.

Martine Rose looks to the great pubs of Britain as inspiration for her next capsule collection.

Lots of us have been excited for the pubs to reopen recently, and even more of us have been flocking to them. Come rain or sunshine, Brits all over the country have gathered in sweaty ale-stinking boozers, relishing in the sweetness of that first sip of a freshly poured pint. All things considered, the excitement has often stopped there; it's not like anyone has been so inspired by the culture of Britain's love affair with pubs that they've decided to create a capsule based on pub paraphernalia, right?

Wrong. Martine Rose, the London-centric designer whose individualistic style relies on elevating everyday dress codes, whether it be through playing with scale or styling, has seemingly decided to showcase her joy at the pubs reopening through a S/S 21 capsule collection, shot by Roxy Lee, wholly dedicated to pub paraphernalia (yes that means beer mats, towels and coasters are included). Paying homage in part to the brand's earlier collections, Martine Rose has looked to her archive to bring back the slogan, 'expect perfection', along with her A/W 18 beer towel-inspired belt. There are also new additions, including an all over coaster print alongside large hand-drawn prints splattered across various jersey tops and bottoms.

Martine Rose is timely for many reasons, but through her perception of mundanity and normality, becoming inspired by it, and managing to turn it into wonderfully unique and - at times - obscure collections, is what the designer does best. Pubs have never not been glamorous, but in terms of high-fashion locations, they're probably quite far down the list, until now. Martine Rose appears to disagree, and we couldn't agree more!

Looking for an outfit for your next pub trip? You can shop the collection now at


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