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by SHOWstudio on 11 January 2023

In typical SHOWstudio style, we've scoured far and wide to find the most talented illustrators to interpret our latest fashion coverage for the upcoming A/W 23 menswear and S/S 23 haute couture shows. Get to know them here.

In typical SHOWstudio style, we've scoured far and wide to find the most talented illustrators to interpret our latest fashion coverage for the upcoming A/W 23 menswear and S/S 23 haute couture shows. Get to know them here.

Before fashion film, there was fashion photography, and before fashion photography, there was fashion illustration. Dazzling the pages of many of fashion's most revered publications, wondrous illustrations adorned the covers (and continued to decorate the inside pages) of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Flair, Tatler and many more throughout the first half of the 20th century, proving quite an asset to the quintessential style bible. Having always believed in the power of illustration, primarily when used to communicate a mood or palpable presence, SHOWstudio have long been inviting fashion's most talented illustrators, on and under the radar, to offer their unique talent in interpreting the latest season's collections.

Committed to rallying the best illustrators from around the world, this season we've invited the following artists to elevate our coverage with their illustrative works.

Native Italian Misha will be illustrating the men's collections at Milan Fashion Week. Presenting the perfect mesh of colour through playing with tone and scale, Misha's disapproval for rubber is evident in his mark-making that leaves no trace left undone. With his style sitting halfway between mirroring Nicolas Bentley's illustrations included in T.S Elliot's The Naming of Cats and the fleshy work of Jenny Saville (not to mention his apt skill at capturing motion, akin to Francis Bacon), it's only the beginning for this young artist, who (spoiler) didn't even study illustration. Although we're sure his Masters in chemical engineering has been useful for other means. Commenting on his involvement in helping SHOWstudio depict the A/W 23 menswear season while reflecting on his sheer love for the art form, Misha commented:

'It's a breath of fresh air for me to able to extend the line, gesture and invisible body tendencies onto the garments. Revealing, looping, defining and exploring the unity between garment and model speaks a poetry of perpetual motion that I take joy in peddling.'

Lydia Roberts will be illustrating Paris Fashion Week Men's. Her work, often rooted in surrealism and the eerie is so varied it's impossible to nail her style down to one artist reference. Instead, Roberts' images bream with possibility; tiptoeing between surrealists like Lee Miller, Man Ray and Dora Maar. Her stylised and dreamlike collage experimentations especially bear resemblance to Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno in every way imaginable. Roberts takes particular interest in the human form with it appearing in almost every work she creates. More than just an illustrator, it's only fair that Roberts' title stretches to 'image-maker' to incorporate her dedication to an art form that adds the surreal to the every day. Speaking of her excitement in participating in SHOWstudio's coverage, Roberts said in a statement: 'I'm thrilled to be part of this project. It's a wonderful opportunity for me to steer my work in a new direction for a period of time and merge my own creative voice with fashion.'

And for haute couture, we have Von Wolfe. As the great grandson of esteemed artist Baron von Schlossberg, court painter to King Ludwig II of Bavaria, the Swan King, drawing is in Von Wolfe's blood and although his ideas, digital, are transcribed onto the canvas with nothing but his own hand and a colourful selection of oil paints. His imaginative style could be likened to Hieronymus Bosch (in fact he's even done his own version of Garden of Earthly Delights), made no less extraordinary by his amalgamation of methods that would usually contradict one another. It's this merge of working within the digital and physical realms that excites us to be working with him this season.

'I have always found SHOWstudio to be a leading and innovative platform', commented Von Wolfe in a statement. 'I am looking forward to engaging with the creative adventure of Paris Fashion Week and finding a way to reimagine a selection of haute couture creations in form and colour into a new psychological environment.'

And there we have it, our A/W 23 men's and S/S 23 couture illustrators ready to take on this season's creations. Who will go above and beyond? Who will take it slow and steady, imbuing every mark with elaborate detail? Only time will tell... keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks and peer into their imaginative world.



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