Metaverse Fashion Week Is Finally Here as SHOWstudio Partners with Decentraland

by SHOWstudio on 23 March 2022

Fashion week gets a facelift on Decentraland, as SHOWstudio co-curates an exclusive four-day film screening as part of the world-first event.

Fashion week gets a facelift on Decentraland, as SHOWstudio co-curates an exclusive four-day film screening as part of the world-first event.

Have you heard of MFW? No, not Milan Fashion Week but Metaverse Fashion Week. A first for the fashion community, the industry's latest digital endeavour will begin on 24 March 2022 in the virtual space of Decentraland. For four days, the event will host a variety of already established digital fashion brands, including The Fabricant and Auroroboros, who will showcase their new collections in the evolving metaverse, together with exclusive events and digital collectibles by the likes of Botter and Dundas. Even Grimes is set to perform.

Nothing about Metaverse Fashion Week will happen IRL. The concept on paper may appear similar to other fashion weeks, with exhibitions and pop-up events, after-parties and runway shows, but this parade will stay put in the metaverse. It will be a global showcase readily available to anyone. Browser logins will replace paper invites meaning the Metaverse is more of an inclusive space than IRL fashion week has ever been.

A still from Frederik Heyman's 'Ceremonial Formality' film, premiered on SHOWstudio

The incoming arrival of Metaverse Fashion Week is a big thing for the industry, especially when you consider that the term 'metaverse' has only been thrown about for the last year. So, what's SHOWstudio got to do with it all? We've paired up with Decentraland to screen a series of films on top of the CashLabs building. These include the earliest examples of 3D scanning in fashion, a face filter fashion shoot and a cosplay fashion film. Our founder Nick Knight will also speak to David Cash from CashLabs, a Web3 agency, about experiencing fashion from a virtual perspective. The four-day film festival will occur at CashLabs Gallery where CashLabs will launch its mixed media art gallery during Decentraland's MFW.

The term 'change' has always carried loaded meanings when applied in a fashion context - often being deemed too scary or radical for an industry that would rather look backwards instead of forwards. And although the physical runway was slashed for two years, replaced with a cohort of fashion films, digital runways and audience-less shows, it was surprising how quickly things returned to normal once people had turned a blind eye to the pandemic. Will Metaverse Fashion Week bring about the new world we've all so desperately wanted to see for the last two years? Only time will tell.

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