MUD Is The Photo Project That’ll Spark Your Summer Wanderlust

by SHOWstudio on 25 July 2022

From strangers to friends, image makers Arnaud Lajeunie and Georgia Pendlebury document a summer of fun and freedom.

From strangers to friends, image makers Arnaud Lajeunie and Georgia Pendlebury document a summer of fun and freedom.

Across five summers, Arnaud Lajeunie and Georgia Pendlebury photographed a cast of girls from across Europe in a series that highlights friendship and freedom. What ensued was MUD, an ongoing creative collaboration between the photographer and stylist, with the first four volumes being released last week. Totalling 400 pages of vibrant imagery, the duo documents the blossoming relationships between total strangers during the carefree months of summer. In an exploration of how people change as time goes on, and connections develop, the evolving body of work is a study on friendship.

MUD volumes 1-4

To ensure no connections existed between the girls photographer, the casting was done completely online. Looking to study the growing relationships that developed between the girls, the creative duo put them in artificially created situations. Noting awkwardness at first, as you flick through the pages it becomes apparent how people change with time and as they develop bonds with each other. With the warm months of summer providing the perfect backdrop for the project (and the perfect time for friendships to develop), the duo's evocative imagery is sure to inspire your own playful summer plans.

The first four volumes of MUD are now published by Art Paper Editions, with a fifth edition of the ongoing project due later this year.



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