New Exhibition 'Style In Revolt' Champions 40 Years of Street Culture

by SHOWstudio on 7 January 2022

The multi-sensory experience landed in Bejing last month, celebrating street style's 40-year and counting legacy.

The multi-sensory experience landed in Bejing last month, celebrating street style's 40-year and counting legacy.

Bringing together a culmination of voices belonging to artists, designers, photographers, editors and aficionados alike, a new exhibition in China Style In Revolt explores the pertaining relevance of street culture and how it's evolved over the last four decades. The space opened in Beijing towards the end of 2021, with the T-10 exhibition and retail space falling home to the multi-sensory experience that divides the evolution of street cultures manifestations into three movements: The Genesis (1982-2005), The Boom (2000-2021) and The Now (2015-2021).

Often scratching the surface of performance, what with street culture never out of the public eye and always in the spotlight, street style as a whole permeates every aspect of life. The exhibition's press release noted, 'As street culture has always taken place in the public arena, its tale is one of heightened visuality and performance. From the sonic pulse of the underground to the spotlights of sports stadiums and catwalks, streetwear has always incorporated multi-sensory inspirations from a variety of media and metiers.' 

'Style In Revolt'

Directed by the London-based agency Kennedy and curated by Fraser Cooke, Paul Mittleman, Sami Janjer and Acyde Odunlami, Style In Revolt taps into the many cultural explosions organically happening around us day by day. From New York to Harajuku, punk to hip-hop, Style In Revolt not only traces the origins and influences of streetwear but where the movement - and its many sub-cultures- are heading. 

As well as original pieces of work and never-seen-before objects, the showcase also features a functioning basketball court, designed by Pigalle and III Studios based on their iconic Paris court. The court's space will be soundtracked by Pigalle's creative director, Stéphane Ashpool, and will fall host to a variety of live events and screenings. In addition to this, the Style In Revolt store will also be dropping limited-edition capsule collections by protagonists of the exhibition, including Sacai, 1017 ALYX 9SM, A-Cold-Wall*, Stüssy, CLOT, Medicom, Patta, Pigalle, Ojeito, Off-White, AMBUSH, Slam Jam, Aries, Timberland, and more.

If you happen to find yourself in Bejing over the coming months, head down to the exhibition space T-10 and prepare yourself for an explosion of fashion, music, art, design, graffiti and skate culture in the name of street style.

'Style In Revolt'
'Style In Revolt'
'Style In Revolt' exhibition poster



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