Nick Knight On Designing Kanye West's YZY SPLY Website

by SHOWstudio on 26 June 2020

SHOWstudio's director talks about the process of working with Kanye West on the Yeezy Supply website.

SHOWstudio's director talks about the process of working with Kanye West on the Yeezy Supply website.

Having collaborated frequently over the years, with Nick Knight directing Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Film (2019), filming the live-streamed Yeezy Season 8 show in Paris and creating West's Bound 2 music video back in 2013, to name but a few, Kanye West called upon the image-maker to create a website like no other for Yeezy Supply.

'Working with someone who knows exactly what they want is refreshing', explains Knight in the documentary released today which reveals the creative process behind creating the Yeezy Supply website. Worked on tirelessly by Knight and various members of SHOWstudio, the project began to materialise when Knight directed the music video for BLKKK SKKKNHEAD in 2013. SHOWstudio's director explains in the film how over the years, West's artistic output has changed. In turn, the website, which began as one dictated by a 'non-artistic approach' characterised by a lo-fi aesthetic partly inspired by highly functional medical supply e-stores, became inherently poetic. It is a website with no words, an intimate experience which features real people the user can try clothes on and learn more about, and waiting rooms for products about to drop.

'There's been over 10,000 hours of work and at least twice that many images, considered and made, to give what I believe is a beautifully simple website' Nick Knight.


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