Nick Knight Talks ikon-1 With Fashion’s Favourite Publications

by SHOWstudio on 14 December 2022

From i-D to a special episode of The Business of Fashion Podcast, Nick Knight breaks down SHOWstudio's NFT project and his metaverse aspirations.

From i-D to a special episode of The Business of Fashion Podcast, Nick Knight breaks down SHOWstudio's NFT project and his metaverse aspirations.

Stop the press! ikon-1 is almost ready to be released to the world. Three years in the making, SHOWstudio’s premier NFT collection is the result of countless creative collaborations with some of fashion’s biggest talents including ikon-1 muse and co-creator Jazzelle, whose photorealistic digital avatar dons otherworldly creations by over 30 designers, with hair and nails by Eugene Souleiman and Marian Newman. Minting on 15 December, the boundary-breaking project isn’t just about creating collectable art for the Web3 generation with original works by Nick Knight, but acts as a key to SHOWstudio's virtual future unlocking exclusive access for ikon-1 holders.

SHOWstudio founder and director Nick Knight has been making the rounds, breaking down his premier NFT project with the fashion industry’s biggest publications. From his metaverse aspirations to how he chose which creatives to collaborate with, Knight answers every question you'll have about the collection. From i-D to The Business of Fashion, here’s your round-up of ikon-1 coverage and for exclusive ikon-1 sneak peaks don't forget to join our Discord.

ikon-1 wears Sapiensi [Extraterrestrial Insect] clothing accessorised with Masha Batsii [Sugar Rider] handbag, Eugene Souleiman [Brassica] cabbage hair and [Lepsi], beat by Jazzelle Zanaughtti

'Nick Knight Is Building a ‘New Civilisation’ in the Metaverse', Dazed Digital

'Trying to create something that is beautiful, it’s not just done at the stroke of a brush. To do anything well is incredibly hard, and it takes work'.

'Nick Knight Delves Into His First NFT Project, ikon-1', AnOther Magazine.

'Nick Knight has always been fascinated with the idea of reworking the human body through his work, and through technology.'

'A Fashion Renaissance Has Begun, And Nick Knight Wants Us All To Be A Part Of It', Jing Daily

'Physical fashion is the third in the world. And we can’t continue to ignore it. One of the solutions is to start looking more at digital fashion in the virtual space. This is something I’m trying to address.'

'Nick Knight on Why Creativity in the Metaverse is Fashion’s Next Frontier', The Business of Fashion Podcast

'I wanted to put [models] in the creative middle… so they are authorising, coming up with creating their own looks for me rather than just imposing on them'.

ikon-1 wears Romain Gaulthier [Anemone] top styled with Scarlett Yang [Venus] clothing and [SINTHIA] beat by Jazzelle Zanaughtti

'Nick Knight’s Metaverse Dream Comes True With NFT Project Ikon-1', WWD

'My aim is to make SHOWstudio into a virtual space where you can come interact in a meaningful and entertaining way. And this project is the first step toward that'.

'Nick Knight on His NFTs of Jazzelle Zanaughtti and the Metaverse', i-D

‘This new frontier offers a new way of being, which brings up much broader philosophical debates. Is there going to be an AI God? Is there law in the metaverse? Are there going to be police in the metaverse?'

Nick Knight’s ‘ikon-1’: Pioneering Fashionista 3D Avatars, Blockster

'They are so good at creating different versions of their own image, working with a range of makeup, styling and hairstyles to produce this ever-changing self-image.'

Nick Knight's First NFT Drop Could Bridge the Fashion-Web3 Divide, Vogue Business

'It's about creating art for the love of it and not creating art just for finance. There are very few things which aren’t businesses these days.'

While the conception of ikon-1 was a means for master image-maker, Nick Knight, to challenge self-expression in the metaverse, the project wasn't made just with the fashion industry in mind. Along with our favourite legacy publications, leading Web3 platforms and communities have been just as excited for the launch of SHOWstudio's premier NFT collection. Foremost NFT news sources Artisant and Metadrips have excitedly covered the upcoming release, as well as NFT Magazine who recently filmed an upcoming podcast episode with Nick Knight and Cash Labs founder David Cash being released on 14 December. Discord communities for 0x499, DRESSX, Fabricant, Auroboros, and World of Women, have also been generating buzz in anticipation of tomorrow's launch.



Nick Knight Sets The Standard for Fashion in the Metaverse

09 August 2022
Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio NFT collection ikon-1, featuring Jazzelle, aims to bring a new point of view to the metaverse.

Be The First To Get a Nick Knight ikon-1 NFT Artwork

02 November 2022
The ikon-1 allowlist is now officially open!
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