by SHOWstudio on 8 October 2019

Prada relaunches Linea Rossa line with a surprise performance by Willow Smith.

Prada relaunches Linea Rossa line with a surprise performance by Willow Smith.

Yesterday, Londoners passing through Tottenham Court Road station had the privilege of witnessing musician and artist Willow Smith busking in the underground station for the re-launch of the Prada Linea Rossa A/W 19 collection. The line, which premiered at Prada’s Men’s and Women's show in Milan in January, is engineered to modern living and explores the metropolitan and urban roots of the ‘Linea Rossa’ or ‘Red Line’.

The collection holds the ‘Linea Rossa’ at its core and has been inspired by the demands of urban reality and modern living. The ‘Linea Rossa’ is immediately recognisable in the context of metropolitan cities, transcending language barriers as if a line representative of travel.

Smith’s unprecedented performance at the Central Line stop is inspired by the dynamic energy of the ‘Linea Rossa’ that draws individuals together and builds communities. Her appearance was designed to make an everyday commute an extraordinary experience, celebrating the spontaneous beauty of chance.

The collection sees form following function through metropolitan clothing that combines both style and technicality. The emblem of the ‘Linea Rossa’ is boldly striped across the chest in a new macro-scale style throughout the collection, linking the garments together in unison, and with the transportation of the city.

Streamlined for the pace of contemporary living, the collection sees tech-specific fabrics like graphene and recycled polyester padding, Goretex Pro water-repellent microfibre, and conductive and reactive fabrics to help regulate body temperature, as well as the introduction of thermal-welded seams in place of stitches, making the garments impermeable - this technique is echoed on footwear and accessories.

In the Prada Group push for sustainability, technical jerseys are created with polyester fibres recycled from plastic bottles recovered from sea and landfills. Waste has been melted and spun into thread to create lightweight jersey, and when this renewable polyester is reconstituted on a molecular level it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 75% when compared to virgin polyester. The line includes seamless 3-D techno-knitwear which allows maximum strength and comfort, is PH balanced for hypoallergenic effect and remains structurally breathable to allow air to circulate the body to wick moisture from the skin, with antibacterial treatments minimising odours. Technical specifications of fabrics are highlighted with a serial number on the garment indicating the weight of the fabric to reflect its suitability for daily needs. A collection for bodies and lives, Prada Linea Rossa is technologically advanced activewear designed for the everyday.

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