Stella McCartney Teams Up With Adidas For Their Futureplayground Collection

by SHOWstudio on 15 January 2021

Welcome to the Stella McCartney x adidas Futureplayground, designed for the generation of tomorrow.

Welcome to the Stella McCartney x adidas Futureplayground, designed for the generation of tomorrow.

Taking inspiration from the environment while paying tribute to the generation of tomorrow, adidas and Stella McCartney have once again joined forces to release part one of the sub brand's S/S 21 capsule titled Futureplayground. The collection stays true to both brand's sustainable roots while featuring the activists of today that hope to make a difference for tomorrow.

We live in a time that has forced us to reconsider the world around us. COVID-19 has caused mass devastation but has also caused a cultural and environmental shift; finally allowing us to have the time to stop and breathe, listening to the nature we are often too used to overlooking. Considering this, the new S/S 21 Futureplayground collection couldn't have come at a better time. Adidas has always encouraged us to stay active, and now there's no excuse.

Stella McCartney has been partnering with adidas since 2005, making sure each collection she has designed for the sportswear label is reminiscent of her own approach towards her brand; designing with people and plant in mind. By making sure McCartney keeps sustainability at the core of everything she does, she helps pave the way for the next generation to look after the environment and create eco-friendly collections in similar ways.

With sustainability in mind, Futureplayground has been made from new developments and recycled materials such as Primeblue (a recycled material made with upcycled plastic waste) Primegreen (yarn made from 50% recycled materials) and a new adidas material that controls body temperature - designed with the aim of keeping next-gen athletes and activists dry and comfortable while they're on the move.

adidas by Stella McCartney is a global brand, we want to inspire and connect communities everywhere - Stella McCartney

What's exciting about Futureplayground is that for the first time, the full creative reins have been handed over to a set of three female directors and activists - all hoping to inspire and shape the world around them in their own way.

The first face of change behind the campaign is Monika Mogi who chose Yuri Hibon and Ren Hayakawa to star in the Japanese release. Both Hibon and Hayakawa have a passion for their surroundings; Hibon believes in organic and sustainable farming, and Hayawaka is an archer who believes in harnessing energy to push her performance. For the UK, filmmaker Netti Hurley has cast SHOWstudio contributor, model, mental health and BIPOC activist Georgia Moot and artist couple Calm and Violet.

And finally, for the American sector, director Ana Pollock has cast Madonna's daughter Lourdes 'Lola' Leon alongside creative Akili King to star as voices for inclusivity, community and female empowerment.

Key pieces from part one of the S/S 21 campaign and collection include a long, lightweight parka with adjustable details attached and made from a Primegreen material - rather helpful for those who are fashion conscious while working out. Another piece integral to the collection is the TruePurpose cycling tights - a proposed breathable fabric that supports all movement from twisting to stretching, skipping to running and lastly a running shoe in a Primeblue fabric; its neon-green colour will be sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

Stella McCartney said in a statement about the campaign:

'The cast and directors who brought this campaign to life are incredibly diverse in both their backgrounds and their beliefs. It was important for us to showcase a truly global point of view, because adidas by Stella McCartney is a global brand, we want to inspire and connect communities everywhere.

There's some really fresh and inspiring talent who feature in the campaign, from all corners of the globe – I love seeing how each individual is working to protect the planet or their community in their own way. From the UK, where we have collaborated with Calm and Violet, a couple living in London who are both artists and activists, sharing their love for each other and the bigger conversation about the beauty and joy of love. To Japan, where we've captured Yuri Hibon, who has a passion for sustainable farming and respecting our environment, which is an issue very close to my heart. Ren Hayakawa is also very special – an archery legend, who brought home Bronze in the 2008 Olympics for Japan. It goes without saying that I'm so happy to be working with Lourdes and Anna Pollack again, having seen their creativity shine through as they collaborated together as co-directors for the adidas by Stella McCartney A/W 20 campaign. Lourdes has always inspired me in the way she uses her choreography and dance as a medium to communicate her message.'



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