Surreal Digital Artist Ray Caesar Unveils Solo Exhibition

by SHOWstudio on 25 November 2021

Casear's debut solo show opens at Gallery House, Canada.

Casear's debut solo show opens at Gallery House, Canada.

Ray Caesar doesn't shy away from using art to envision apocalyptic and dystopian visions of the future. They find beauty in the bizarre, transforming archetypes from mythology, religion and fiction into beings who simultaneously captivate and repulse the viewer. This November, Caesar debuts their solo show in Canada.

Ray Caesar, 'Invasive Species', 2019 (20x24 inches), varnish on panel

Bringing together aspects of the conscious and unconscious self, the artist draws on memory, myth and characters from their own dissociative identity. Having grown up in a council house in South London in the 1960s before moving to Canada, Caesar's home life was challenging, and they developed alter egos as a coping mechanism. 'Now I model figures in 3D and use my own skin to texture the surface. The eyes are textures of my own eyes, and the lips are my lips. I create a skeletal system of joints that can move the figure and bend fingers and toes', the artist recently told our founder Nick Knight.

Ray Caesar, 'Persona', 2021 (23x30 inches), digital ultrachrome on archival paper

Caesar's surreal images reimagine references to landscape and history painting, create new species from doll-like creatures, hypnotising with digital fabrics draped on 3D printed sculptures. Most recently, the artist released one of his unique figures, Persephone, as an NFT, in a commission by Hendrick’s Gin.

The show is open at Gallery House, 19 November - 21 December, 2021. Contact the gallery directly to book a viewing.



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