This New Show Is Serving The Ultimate British Pop Culture Critique

by Hetty Mahlich on 23 April 2021

SHOWstudio contributor Zooey Gleaves, aka Lagoon Femshayma, today presents part one of 'HUN TV'.

SHOWstudio contributor Zooey Gleaves, aka Lagoon Femshayma, today presents part one of 'HUN TV'.

British pop culture got many of us through the pandemic, or 'panny d' as some may say. The Instagram account Loveofhuns held our hand and inspired Brits to stay true to our dramatic tendencies with shrewd memes pulled straight from British television and pop culture. Appetite wet with memories of Eastenders, The X Factor and Gemma Collins, the present, DJ, broadcaster and SHOWstudio contributor Zooey Gleaves, aka Lagoon Femshayma, decided to launch their very own video series, HUN TV.

Steps merchandise in hand, the music video for the pop group's 'Last Thing On My Mind' is up for critique in the first episode of HUN TV. The series invites fabulous guests to review classic moments from British pop culture, with DJ Lil C the first to join in on the fun.

Did you grow up with Steps on VHS too? Then this episode is for you. Steps Gold was my personal favourite. I'm not sure if that's what sent my mum mad, or whether it was the Steptacular album on repeat on the school run. But now I know it's not just me who spent their formative years recreating the Steps choreography rather than getting an education in David Bowie, because I found a fellow Claire Richards disciple in Lagoon Femshayma. Disclaimer: they're a certified superfan.

'It's a place to be really silly and ridiculous and talk about things that i love. The camp and fun of that era and of British culture in general is one of the things that makes me proud to be British, and HUN TV is a way to lovingly poke fun at these fab formative moments!', the equally fabulous host told us.

Part 1 is out now, so go watch in 5,6,7,8!

HUN TV The Pilot Part 1


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