The Re-Birth of Juicy Couture

by SHOWstudio on 10 February 2021

Re-seen for a new generation, you can forget Paris Hilton: this is the new Juicy Couture.

Re-seen for a new generation, you can forget Paris Hilton: this is the new Juicy Couture.

Whether you like it or not, leisurewear has made it into everyone's wardrobes since the pandemic took hold. If you're a millenial or from Generation Z, it's likely that if I say tracksuit, you say Juicy Couture. With an all new creative team and S/S 21 collection released today, this is die-hard glamour for a new era.

Juicy Couture S/S 21

Ah yes, the velour tracksuit. Think Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's numbers on The Simple Life ('that's hot!'), or Britney Spears fashioning her blue number a la supermarché. Oh, and Regina George's cool mom in Mean Girls, obviously. Since 2001, those tracksuits branding your ass with diamantes have been a younger generation's kryptonite. Fuelled by paparazzi shots of off-guard celebs, the Juicy Couture brand became known for their velour two-pieces in bright garish colours. They're so bad, they're good. So tacky, they're almost not.

Having lost their huzzah at the end of the 2010s due to the minor bump in the road which was the recession and the fact that we weren't so into ass-hugging slacks anymore, fancying ourselves something more minimalist a la Phoebe Philo at Cèline, the appearance of Juicy Couture on the Vetements runway for S/S 17 geared the label up for a comeback. With Juicy now in their 26th year, the era of leisurewear is back - in November 2020, the Business of Fashion reported on the growing desire for 'stretch'. Sustainably minded consumers are finding their way between the cheap and cheerful but not so durable or eco-friendly, and the extortionately expensive. Enter Juicy Couture.

Juicy Couture, S/S 21
Juicy Couture, S/S 21

Back with an all new creative team, made up with some of the names changing the fashion and beauty game, today Juicy Couture unveil their S/S 21 collection via a stellar series of images by Aidan Zamiri. Styled by Georgia Pendlebury, one of the hottest tickets in the industry, the campaign is all about that glamorous, independent attitude we know and love Juicy Couture for. London-based hairstylist Issac Poleon was on hand to work his magic, with nails by Sylvie Macmillan whose roster includes Vogue Italia, Kiko Kostadinov and Fenty.

Juicy Couture, S/S 21

The campaign, Come Hell or Highwater is all about the modern Juicy Couture woman. In an era where we're all watching re-runs of Real Housewives, at it's DNA we'll always be nostalgic for Juicy's past, but what's more exciting is their future. A cast of female entrepreneurs are set to inspire a new generation, more diverse and inclusive than the very white celebrity poster girl the brand has found itself charged with in the past.

Instead the Juicy Couture woman is, for S/S 21, a businesswoman spending her hard-earned cash on her own wardrobe. Taiba Akhuetie, founder of beauty empire Keash London; Lois Saunders, the designer and upcycling pioneer behind 1XBLUE; and Sharkkana Pryce, artist manager and founder of swimwear label Sharkkini all feature, wearing the new ultra-velour which flatters the female form like never before. The original tracksuit design was always made to make you feel your best - an elasticated waist to avoid the pit falls low cut trousers can bring, together with a cinched in waist on the upper half. The new S/S 21 collection also features jacquard towelling, PVC, new floral and zebra prints and branded jewellery, all dripping in diamante. Think swim suits, fishnet tights and t-shirts, a mini dress complete with hood and a matching tracksuit or two, of course. Here is Juicy Couture for a new age.

Juicy Couture, S/S 21
Juicy Couture, S/S 21


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