What to Watch if You're Working From Home

by SHOWstudio on 13 March 2020

If you're symptom-free but prevented from socialising, why not use the time wisely on SHOWstudio.com?

If you're symptom-free but prevented from socialising, why not use the time wisely on SHOWstudio.com?

With the number of cases of coronavirus growing day by day, we're preparing for an imminent lockdown while simultaneously trying to keep calm and carry on. Public transport might be unnervingly empty, yet the JW Anderson flagship store opening last night saw the Brewer Street boutique packed to the rafters. While savvy shoppers will have taken advantage of the curiously uncrowded streets to visit the beautiful Bottega Veneta menswear pop-up in Harrods (open until 15 March 2020), many fashion offices have cut their hours or closed entirely. There's already an Instagram dedicated to the sartorial choices the healthy-yet-confined have been selecting (@wfhfits). While not wanting to make light of a terrifying situation, working from home might have some hidden benefits, one of which is to catch up on some interviews and fashion films, now you have more time to fill.

At any rate, here are the SHOWstudio team picks of what to delve into while you're avoiding the outside world:


'I'm going to be honest, I haven't seen this interview but it's long been on my list of things to watch, so I'll be making time for this if I'm housebound. In this In Your Face interview, visual artist Arthur Jafa and Carrie Scott unpick the meaning of radical and the importance of difference. Jafa's work covers African-American political, social and cultural history: his video work Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death splices together footage of Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama and Beyoncé with his own filmed scenes (his daughter's wedding, his mother dancing) in order to create a collage-esque impression of memory and history that's both personal but collective. In a moment where it feels like history is repeating itself, I'm very intrigued by Jafa's thought process.' Bella Gladman, editorial associate

Arthur Jafa, up close and personal.


'This video re-visits the collaboration between Nick Knight and Alexander McQueen for the Puma campaign in 2005. The six-minute footage shows McQueen talking about his creative idea of transforming man into animal, as well as showing what took place at the shooting with a live puma. It is a great archive piece to watch as it takes you behind the scenes and shows the unfolding of an idea from intention to final finish. It has later on been followed by Nick Knight in conversation with Lou Stoppard about what it was like to create imagery for this campaign with McQueen. It is a lovely and very informative follow-up that accompanies my first pick very well. So make sure to watch both!' Astrid Hiort, editorial intern  

Nick Knight and Lee McQueen at work.


'It's Saturday night and you want to go out-out. Given current circumstances, you decide against the risk of sharing a confined space with sweaty strangers. But have no fear! If you can't go to the club, bring the club to you. Fashion photographer Elaine Constantine's short 2000 documentary, Home Dance, documents members of the Northern Soul community having a boogie from the comfort of their own homes. This joyful video will give you oodles of DIY club inspiration, although I suggest doing a couple of lunges before trying any of the high-kicks. If you're not already three double G&T's in, have a read of Josh Sims' accompanying essay to learn more about the acrobatic dance movement.' Sophie Walsh, editorial intern

Elaine Constantine's 'Home Dance'


'Self-isolation taking its toll? Want something to binge but Love is Blind made you feel a bit lonely? I present to you the joy that is model Pat Cleveland. Our Subjective series puts top models' stories in the spotlight and boy, does Cleveland have some stories! Watch the seventies supermodel talk candidly about sex, drugs and disco, as she giggles and wildly gesticulates. A guaranteed serotonin boost, Cleveland's six mini-interviews are warming content for when cabin fever strikes.' Georgina Evans, fashion editor 

Pat Cleveland in Paris in the seventies.


'Coop up and work your way through our In Fashion series, I say. Launched back in 2009, over the years we’ve profiled some real industry gems in intimate, filmed segments known to run for over an hour. You’re in good company with the likes of Kim Jones, Peter Saville and Jamie Hawkesworth. A personal favourite is creative director Lady Amanda Harlech talking about how she’s brought designers’ fantasies and stories to life over the years: it’s a welcome touch of magic in dark times.' Hetty Mahlich, editorial assistant

Lady Amanda Harlech's intimate conversation.



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