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by SHOWstudio on 15 December 2020

With the Dior Pre-Fall 2021 collection reinvigorating Maria Grazia Chiuri's woman circa the swinging sixties, we run through the house's latest offerings.

With the Dior Pre-Fall 2021 collection reinvigorating Maria Grazia Chiuri's woman circa the swinging sixties, we run through the house's latest offerings.

Dior Pre-Fall Womenswear 2021

Artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri's latest collection was a bit of a shocker, and that's not a bad thing. Looking to New York, the 1960s, Andy Warhol and Elio Fiorucci, for the most part Chiuri departed from the woven, more traditional artisanal fabrics and almost rustic charm which has defined her tenure thus far. Taking note from Christian Dior's muse Mizza Bricard and the house archives, leopard print is a go for Pre-Fall. Pairings of plastic-looking monogrammed macs, silver Mary Janes, dinosaur print Book tote bags and a whole lot of sequins - all in punchy colours far from the earthy neutrals the designer favours - revealed that Maria Grazia has gone POP. White t-shirts featuring 'I HEART PARIS' feel like Chiuri recognises the need to not take ourselves too seriously; even the elegant house of Dior can make room for some kitsch. Space age metallic silver leather circa Warhol's Factory was a highlight, together with the sportswear inflections we're more used to seeing over in menswear. Take a closer glance and notice the ankle-length skirts and bralets, echoes of the bar jacket and an embroidered millefleurs motif, all topped off with monogrammed headscarves, and one thing becomes clear: Chiuri's woman is still here, but she's now just a girl who wants to have fun.

Dior Pre-Fall womenswear 2021
Dior Pre-Fall womenswear 2021

Lady Dior

Dior continues re-imagining iconic house codes with the return of the Lady Dior Art series. Now in it's fifth edition, a series of artists have once more been invited to reinvent the bag first made famous by Princess Diana, after she was gifted it by France’s then-First Lady, Bernadette Chirac. Spotlighting the artisanal flair of the house, ten artists and collectives have been asked to put their own spin on the bag, essentially creating their own unique works of art. The Lady Dior is utterly transformed, whether that be via the futuristic shape bending of Joël Andrianomearisoa, Mai-Tu Perret's deliciously carpet-like fabrications, or Judy Chicago's psychedelic print. Chris Soal, Olga Titus, Claire Tabouret, Gisela Colon, Song Dong, Recycle Group and Bharti Kher are also amongst the artists who have taken part, as the house of Dior continues to illustrate the ability to metamorphose.

Chris Soal, photograph Zander Opperman
Joël Andrianomearisoa
Judy Chicago, photograph Douglas Woodman
Mai-Tu Perret
Olga Titus, photograph Florian Kalotay

Tie Dye Capsule

Harking back not too long ago to the Dior 2021 Cruise collection, this capsule is a celebration of the house codes Maria Grazia Chiuri has developed and holds dear. Appearing also briefly in the Pre-Fall 2021 collection, an inky blue and sand coloured tie dye print colours flowing skirts, pants, shirts and tops. The Lady Dior and Dior Book tote bags also feature. Look closely and you can see the rich embroidery across the collection, which camouflaged into tie dye prints - as part of a celebration of the artisans of Chiuri's native Italy and Puglia where the Cruise 2021 show was held - offer a fresh take on the savoir-faire Dior holds so dear.

Dior tie dye capsule


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