Live Now ALYX - Spring / Summer 2019 Panel Discussion

11:00 - 12:15 on June 25 2018 BST


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Video Comments

  1. billy 23
    12:25 Tue 24 Oct 2006
    hello my friend. will you? won't you, will you? won't you... won't you join the dance? your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx
  2. partymonger
    12:49 Tue 24 Oct 2006
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  3. volja
    13:22 Tue 24 Oct 2006
    He does have some ressemblance with John Phillip Law as an angel in Barbarella. And if he gives you some pleasure way or the other than its fine with me. Enjoy youre day and the fitting (costume) All will were masks tonight and so will you but the best suitable mask for you will be a transparent one
  4. christophechemin
    14:09 Tue 24 Oct 2006
    Hello dear Asia. So this is gonna end tomorrow? It's way sad. I enjoyed everyday to come here and look at your confession videos. I think you should take some holidays, but i think you won't take some, you are unstoppable, u have such a strong life energy. Confusion makes you beautifull. It's dazzling. Honest strong beautifull. Stay awake. No, you are sleeping, for sure. Love you. Me.
  5. passenger
    14:21 Tue 24 Oct 2006
    Talk about your fears about cinema. Are you afraid that you cannot live up to your own ambitions? That the films you make are not as beautiful as you would want them to be? Are you afraid that they have no value and that you in return, since cinema is what you say that care most about, have no value?
  6. passenger
    14:29 Tue 24 Oct 2006
    The babysitter.
  7. Se'an O'Brien
    08:01 Wed 25 Oct 2006
    If she just did what I think she did, then that was one awesome clip.