Faking It

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Video Comments

  1. ampersand
    19:06 20 Oct 2006
    I don't know anyone who really knows who they are. I discover new things about myself all the time, especially when I think I've got myself pretty well figured out. Evolution of the personality is essential to growth, but I think the key is to remain fluid and not restrict oneself to any definition. In a total fan moment: I hope you're going to direct another film soon. Scarlet Diva and The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things were amazing.
  2. acnelac
    03:41 21 Oct 2006
    You are such a beautiful child. xx
  3. Se'an O'Brien
    12:48 21 Oct 2006
    I can never talk and look at my reflection in the eyes, it creeps me out and I have to look away.
  4. passenger
    14:52 21 Oct 2006
    The problem with Scarlett Diva is that it never escapes literalness and you didnt find a way to trasform what was in your head into something poetic. But when the film is watched with your commentary turned on something else happens. The film becomes very interesting and inches nearer to poetry. This project here is much more interesting than Scarlett Diva
  5. Lie
    22:09 21 Oct 2006
    faking it is a bizarr thing. just because you are not the role you are playing does not mean you are not that role inside. it just means you have been given an oppertunity to be anouther part of you that no one knows.
  6. billy 23
    06:48 22 Oct 2006
    hello my friend... the parting demi-grin reveals you have the same intense world inside you that a child has ; ) your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx