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  1. volja
    00:24 18 Oct 2006
    Call yourself a freak. I wount. No one is normal, but some are a bit less normal than others. and with some it shows and others like to show there different.From the movie Freaks: I still have a picture in my head of the black guy with no arms or legs but with a knive in his mouth looking though.Great! I actually once wrote a story about an independent belly who after a performance of a balletdancing bird could not applaud because of having no hands.Okay maybe I'm a little freakish to. I agree about what your saying about you deciding to accept someone. bonna notte!
  2. friend
    00:36 18 Oct 2006
    My beautiful freak ,will you answer more questios?Will you talk to me about fetish?
  3. harley
    00:48 18 Oct 2006
    thank you for your response,child,your fame isn't stopping you from being so open? Goodnight.
  4. SheSmokesDiamonds
    01:42 18 Oct 2006
    Have you ever felt scared of yourself? And what kind of people scares you? thank you for sharing these intense and private moments with us.. good(?)night
  5. partymonger
    01:59 18 Oct 2006
    ya, i know where you are coming from Asia. I was "labeled" a freak back in school, but everyone knew of me, they just didnt know me! But thats ok, it was just a label, i was unhappy, i've let people down , vice versa, but smoking weed, and partying makes me feel normal when i take a trip to soothe the pain... freaks accept people for how and who we are, and that my friend is what life should be all about.....
  6. van
    04:34 18 Oct 2006
    freaks demand attention, i think it fits you well. I wasn't labeled a freak, i don't think, but i didn't label freaks, they labeled themselves and we were friends. simple.
  7. ampersand
    07:12 18 Oct 2006
    I've been called that since I was very young, maybe seven or eight years old. Personally, I don't think that I live up to that title, but I'd much rather be a freak than be like everyone else.
  8. Se'an O'Brien
    11:13 21 Oct 2006
    That movie needs to be made. I'll provide the soundtrack if you direct.