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  1. volja
    12:22 21 Oct 2006
    Its very simple. Take a year of and combine these options. Take a house near the father of youre child and write there a new script.Do all these sports. Help the children in Romania. Cook nice basic food that you like.And if youre bored of this steady life go alone on short holidays and go crazy! But no to becoming a drugaddict and well the suicide if obvious HELL NO. Youre a gorgeous woman GO FOR IT!
  2. volja
    12:52 21 Oct 2006
    Okay this sounded all sooo positive. Me too think live is difficult. And its very easy to send you these so called solutions.I dont expect you to live up to anyones expectations. I want you to focus on whats important to you. What gives you joy in live?And so on. Fuck I sound like a chrink or something. Its good you don't know me. Haha.Take care Asia!
  3. Raist79
    13:31 21 Oct 2006
    Hey Asia, I'm 26 and from Cali... I liked all of the options you mentioned except for suicide and the drugs...you are much stronger than those two choices. Take it one step at a time, think about where you would like to be 5 years from now and start out slow and have patience. It is hard at first to make changes in your life style, I know, I was an alcoholic with my share of problems and mistakes. Trust me, life can be beautiful if we work at some things that need to change. Hope your not reading this and thinking it's a pile of shit cause your like so awesome and I want to see you in many more films.
  4. Se'an O'Brien
    13:34 21 Oct 2006
    There's always time to help people you care about, you don't need to schedule that. The same goes for enjoying your life. I spend a lot of time taking care of my neice who is about your daghter's age, and I definitely feel like like I could be a father. The thought of leaving a child motherless is disturbing, and you can't die because I've only just found you. You've become too strong to be an addict. This is probably the most I've ever talked, but you gave a lot of options. Right now you need some real people to talk to. Talk to me, I have a phone and I'm almost always alone. Or, you could just look at pictures of me I put on my profile and pretend to talk to me. That's what I've been doing to you a lot lately. I've gotten to know you more through these videos than I probably would have if I met you, I'm sure. Your options are good, but people on the internet can't run your life. Especially not these people, some of them think you're a witch and say your diary is trash. Speaking of suicide, a good question comes to mind. How would you want to die? Aside from burning, obviously. I think I've fallen in love with the dark circles under your eyes.
  5. passenger
    13:35 21 Oct 2006
    Go to Stromboli and stay at the summit all night. Watch the orange lava spurt into the blackness. Look up at the stars. Listen to your heartbeat, and just listen... At dawn hike down to the port and have a cappucino, stare at the sea.... you'll know what to do
  6. Salwa
    13:37 21 Oct 2006
    drug addicts make terrible mothers, and dead ones, even worse, don't go there! holidays are good as is having your own house/space.. get an allotment and grow vegetables, and reconnect to the earth or um, something. Buy a vineyard and run that, teach acting and write and be there for your daughter, go on a long globe-hopping holiday and reenergise yourself, make more of your photography which I always love looking at, make yourself available to people not just in a visual way but as maybe a teacher of film, build something, go to iceland and see some dolphins, start a fashion empire. do something that is good for yourself for a change. x
  7. passenger
    14:06 21 Oct 2006
    This work reminds me of my friend Caveh Zahedi's. Do you know him? A hidden treasure he is....
  8. niagara river
    15:24 21 Oct 2006
    Why don't collaborate with Floria Sigismondi?
  9. la
    16:12 21 Oct 2006
    Film must have been part of your whole life,does that mean you hate it or love it as a medium to express yourself through ? What would you have been without it?
  10. --1cal1--
    16:17 21 Oct 2006
    what are your feelings right now?
  11. harley
    16:20 21 Oct 2006
    yes,I too was wondering how you must be feeling.
  12. A.C.A.B.
    16:34 21 Oct 2006
    Attend to the needs of the street kids in Bucharest. Document it perhaps. Although the press may vilify you as a tourist of the damned, the camera is your trade whether you are in front or behind the lens, and you are a skilled professional who could bringer greater attention to this matter. It may put life in a new perspective but do not get too close, for the homeless always know where to score. If not that, then I say take the sabbatical. Organize your mind & your personal belongings. Strengthen body, mind & soul and you can start anew. One Luv.
  13. aerialbold
    16:53 21 Oct 2006
    You're far too gifted and smart to make a choice that will fulfill you "completely". For some people fulfillment doensn't mean anything because they're above that tricky social notion. And it's a lonely place, indeed. But aren't the best spots always so? There's this whole world around you but there's only a few places and people that will provide a compatible energy with yours. You might spend your whole life looking after them. But action can be diversion. Some parts of the Graal are already there (like your daughter). For the rest, you're the only one knowing what you're truly missing. Listed-actions can be positive diversions. When it's not a diversion then the choice is unlimited. Most of your options are valuable except beeing destructive. It's paying the ultimate attention to things or people that have been hurting you and they do not deserve it. But for a while should'nt you just try doing NOTHING? Beeing with oneself considering that there's no plan for the future shouldn't be scary. It's the ultimate freedom. Not many of us have that luck. If you stop your actions for a while the system that surrounds you might react differently and things will move by themselves without beeing "corrupted" by your influence. The path might be cleaned-up. Then you'll be able to choose. What's at the end of it doesn't matter. Art, private life, tropical island or Romania is one and only thing: how you're going to deal with it. If your urge to work and give is a necessity to occult reality, for not beeing deceived from what you get in return. Then can you forgive us and forgive yourself? If not, then you're defenitely an artist! And you know about that beautiful shit... In any cases It might be time for you to receive. How?... Take care. xxx
  14. partymonger
    17:40 21 Oct 2006
    man, im glad this aint real, cause i would come overseas and kick your ASS, ASIA!! you are a mother now, pretty much all selfishness goes right out the window, your daughter comes first, plain and simple sure we ALL have problems, true enough, but nothin is ever that bad, especially when some of us would kill to have our own child..... get yourself a home and yard for annalou to play in, learn how to cut your own grass, plant and take care of your own flowers, rely on yourself more, and learn to adapt to whatever shit this world throws at us!!!!!!!!
  15. van
    17:45 21 Oct 2006
    take a holiday to decide what to do next. think from there..with a clear mind, no drugs. Find yourself in a paradise, I think you need to find yourself again. I vote holiday in paradise, and that environment should encourage some good decision making
  16. messenger
    18:00 21 Oct 2006
    God, what a bunch of trite sycophantic bullshit this message board is...
  17. van
    18:51 21 Oct 2006
    oh yeah, cause everyone here is saying this shit for themselves...right... oh yeah, so cool
  18. QOELET
    20:18 21 Oct 2006
    Allora vieni a vivere a milano e metti la testa apposto.. fonda una casa di produzione audio/video qui,dai lavoro ad un po' di gente..con un po' dei soldi fai qualche offerta per la romania,così avrai tempo per stare con tua figlia,fare dei film,aiutare i bambini rumeni..
  19. acnelac
    03:35 22 Oct 2006
    Take a year off and NO SPORTS. You can go to the gym... but fuck sports. Take a year off and do the little things that scare you... and try to be IN yourself when you are doing them. Thats the hard part.... not stepping outside of yourself when you are doing the scary things. ...and then write your own movie about a good mother that is a drug addict. (No one ever talks about the fact that drug addicts can be loving and needy, perfect for mothering. Bad for teaching, but good for caring) A drug addict woman that people want to love. It would be a first and they're out there... xx PS- You must do more creative things before you kill yourself... the world has not had enough Asia yet.
  20. billy 23
    06:29 22 Oct 2006
    hello my friend... multiple choice often evokes multiple answers because of the inability to decide when the options are so far reaching. suicide and drugs is not an option - you will leave this earth when you find your wings angel 'a' & destiny tells me that time is far off. you have so much to live for in angel child 'a'. you have so much to give this world creatively. so i say find some time for yourself, live, love and write a new movie to direct. your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx
  21. ampersand
    07:06 22 Oct 2006
    Watch the shadows. They give everything away. First of all, everyone needs a little place to call their own, a sanctuary. With the exception of the drug addiction and the suicide, everything that was you mentioned are things that you "should" do...but what tugs at your heart the most out of the "I'm still alive and capable" choices? Having us choose for you doesn't solve your quandary in the long run, however tantalizing a way out it seems.
  22. Lutz
    08:32 22 Oct 2006
    Why don't you star in your fathers new movie Mother of Tears? I would love to see that. It would make people happy!
  23. nono
    13:08 22 Oct 2006
    hello Asia, take a year off and just do what you want, but don't become a drug addict and the suicide is not the solution. A lot of people love you!
  24. starlove
    20:50 29 Oct 2006
    HI Asia Honey i think you should deff take some time off to start with and to figure out what it is you really want. Be it a house, building something in romania, a holiday somewhere, maybe even detatching from Marco. I dont know because im not you but you really have to listen to your intuition. I wish so badly i was able to talk with you or contact you somehow because i know id be an excellent friend for you. I feel like you could be my sister somehow (so many similarities) you're really a wonderfully beautiful person so drug addict & suicide absolutely not. Altho part of us always thinks of that i think... the sucidie part. i know it crosses my mind all the time but i know its not right. The world is hard , very very hard but you know those moments when you are so happy are deffinately worth it. Just remember you have a beautiful daughter and she is an extension of you. So you gotta be there for her. And maybe living your life a little "simplier" for a year or so may be a good thing. Hell, do this (video diary) stuff for a year and see how you feel. Real friends will be there with you honey and i know i am forever. xxxx take care of yourself. we love you so very much. Amanda. amandastarla@verizon.net