Good night Moon

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Video Comments

    00:12 18 Oct 2006
    I know that you are a witch..i see you in real mask very may look as you want..but i have for seen you true..
  2. friend
    00:33 18 Oct 2006
  3. friend
    00:28 18 Oct 2006
    Ma belle Asia,if you are so open talk, to me about fetish .I know what you will say . I am loving hearing your voice again.
  4. friend
    00:36 18 Oct 2006
    i know that asia is a witch..don't insult me..i know witches..
  5. friend
    00:38 18 Oct 2006
    pardone mia
    00:49 18 Oct 2006
    i want that toy with voice..for sleep what is?
  7. maria n
    01:01 18 Oct 2006
    You have to give soo much of yourself to be famouse. Is fame a fair price for your soul?
  8. Gysette
    01:24 18 Oct 2006
    i like how people hate on her.. its pretty entertaining.. i think she's an amazing human being and much more interesting than the ordinary people like you. who the hell believe in witches these days? lol
  9. Gysette
    01:25 18 Oct 2006
    and who the cares?!
  10. van
    04:46 18 Oct 2006
    does asia reply to any of these? or is it just her film us type she read? I don't know why, but it is reassuring to see a star as human, sorry if that sounds sick, but it is. I am curious is all
  11. ampersand
    07:15 18 Oct 2006
    Good-night, Miss Asia.
  12. queenoftarts
    11:09 18 Oct 2006
    Did you videotape your daughter so she wouldn't forget? Or so that you wouldn't forget?
  13. Se'an O'Brien
    11:16 21 Oct 2006
    I used to fall asleep talking to my girlfriend on the phone. That just reminded me of when I used to have one.
  14. Kurt
    01:09 15 Nov 2006
    Margaret Wise Brown...