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Video Comments

    18:16 18 Oct 2006
    What is that your baptism?
    18:17 18 Oct 2006
    Anyway i asked about witches..i'm not a bad person..just curiosity..if you want i don't ask anymore..don't send me anything bad :)
    18:30 18 Oct 2006
    weird ritual asia..i hope all is fine..we care about frirends..but you don't answer to questions ehehe :D
  4. ampersand
    18:31 18 Oct 2006
    There's no need for explanations between friends.
    18:34 18 Oct 2006
    anyway..nel nome del padre...del figlio e dello spirito santo.. you said something the end..i don't understand if it is a ritual..or something else..i don't want to hurt you..i'm not a magician..don't be afraid asia..
  6. la
    19:07 18 Oct 2006
    who is on you wall?I think I can recognise Beatrice Dalle,and I think that is Simone Simon but I can't make out the others.Who are your favorite actors?
  7. van
    19:21 18 Oct 2006
    i lke the colour changing lights in the other room. cool. um, i think she is getting sick of these video diaries, and they are now just a burdon?
  8. la
    19:24 18 Oct 2006
    Ah I wondered why the lighting levels were going up and down in the mobile phone film.It is the lights in the other room.
  9. SheSmokesDiamonds
    20:22 18 Oct 2006
    I love Simone Simon, a very good actress with a sad and melancholic look.. do you like "Cat people" and "The curse of cat people"? I find them very poetic, Irina is such beautiful and hurt and lonely... she would like to be accepted, but she scares people (and animals ;-)).. something inside her does it.. her nature, her curse.. sometimes I feel very close to that character, do you?
  10. Salwa
    23:27 18 Oct 2006
    she's having a bath... leave the woman alone! you can never film yourself and be unconsious of it, so its natural for an entertainer to want to make the imagery more visual by doing something.. Asia just does everything and anything she wants and its the beauty of her spirit and a credit to her personality that she manages to make it all very compelling..its not like we're watching big brother, but in a way we are... I keep feeling the urge to grab a robe and cover her up from prying eyes - sometimes when you share yourself to the "ether" you're showing people you shouldn't which disturbs me on asia's behalf, she seems so fragile and far from home at the moment.
  11. Se'an O'Brien
    11:34 21 Oct 2006
    I'll say again that this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life. Oh, and that person needs to stop implying that she's a witch. If she was a witch, she would have floated on the top of the bathwater. Mystery solved.
  12. Kurt
    01:20 15 Nov 2006
    Thats hilarious! floating on top of water.... LOL