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Video Comments

    18:19 18 Oct 2006
    I love that music..maybe you will like also SHADOWS..really nice that 50' guitar sounds..
    18:26 18 Oct 2006
    Anyway..could you buy for me the new book about beatles about beatles recoding sessions..when you back in milan..i say where i can i receive it..
    18:27 18 Oct 2006
    Today, i dreamed about a weird brazilian woman..weird dream..
  4. friend
    18:31 18 Oct 2006
    You seem happier today ,I know you and I have seen you dance like that before,you are in love,aren't you ?Can you remember your first love?No one forgets the firstlove,no forgets the first time,do they? Merci ma belle poupee.
  5. ampersand
    18:35 18 Oct 2006
    Sometimes it's the fake happiness that allows us to get through until we encounter the real. The dress looks good on you. Do you think there is meaning to life? That life is meant to have meaning beyond what we learn and how we apply it?
  6. la
    19:00 18 Oct 2006
    please excuse all our constant questions it is just we are all a little in awe of you and your video diaries make you feel so close we don't want to waste the moment.I would love to know your thoughts on Fellini as he is such a favorite of mine,such a rare tallent.You have to admit there is a prescence of him in you.THANK YOU.
  7. van
    19:29 18 Oct 2006
    la is right,this could be quite annoying, but they are just peoples thoughts.. these blogs are revolutionary. This one makes me feel sad inside i don't know why. and thank you for sharing so openly, i appreciate it, and hope the responses don't let you down. Do you have expectations even?
  8. 11:11
    19:53 18 Oct 2006
    From this side of my computer screen I watch in amazment how beautiful moments fall effortlessly into place around you, its like poetry...has all this poetry become familliar? this why you are so sad? You are too beautiful for words...
  9. Benjamin Seroussi
    19:54 18 Oct 2006
    I remeber this music from a scene of a movie from the 80 called LA BAMBA , a plane was blowing up in the sky , but can't understand the title of the song when Asia says it , was it Satin Johnny ? Sad Times Johnny or Sultan Johnny ?
  10. SheSmokesDiamonds
    20:10 18 Oct 2006
    Santo and Johnny :-) Beautiful Asia..
  11. van
    20:35 18 Oct 2006
    i feel content now that i thought a bit. these video clips have effects on me. provoking. sweet
  12. maria n
    20:48 18 Oct 2006
    you have to create your own fake happiness to be able to deal with the real unhappiness. this defence mechanisum is learnt from an early age. I have read about you and your relationship with your father. Fake happieness is compulsary for any child who has had to cope with a difficult father. I can say with confidence that your strength has come from this. I feel rotton inside when i think of all the pain and anguish my own father has inflicted on me. He has missed out on me. He has the loss. I have the corrage to love myself even if he dosen't. i see this in you Asia
  13. Salwa
    20:54 18 Oct 2006
    i love that top, and what looks like old school underwear, mixed with victorian lace mixed with vixen chic. suits you.
  14. friend
    21:42 18 Oct 2006
    C'est lamentable,maintenant je passe mes jours a attendre ton prochain video.The hours pass so slowly,two hoursand half to go.What will you say next?I am addicted.J'ai besion de deviant tellement gourmand.
  15. friend
    21:45 18 Oct 2006
    parle moi de ton premier amour, Asia.Tu sais qui je suis. A x x A
  16. QOELET
    21:54 18 Oct 2006
    friend sei asia?
  17. friend
    22:31 18 Oct 2006
    maria n ,your comment about fathers is possibly one of the most beautifully written and truely heartfelt things I have ever read on this forum.Thank you for sharing this so elequently with us.Thank you.x
  18. QOELET
    22:56 18 Oct 2006
    ok friend you are asia..:D mavaff..
  19. volja
    23:02 18 Oct 2006
    music was used in a movie called sleepwalkers. and this videodiary is like a scarlet diva revisited. the diva turned into a wife and loving mother who tries to enjoy herself in her sadness.
  20. friend
    23:58 18 Oct 2006
    my fix is coming
  21. partymonger
    00:05 19 Oct 2006
    I've seen your pictures in the magazine. Having all this to show, but no one to truly see ya.... you're always dancin and always romancin... feelin crazy, getting older, but youre never alone, I see you come and go!! do you think youre smart, not smart enough? do you think you talk too much, not talkative enough?? do you think youre pretty, not pretty enough?? do you think, not enough??
  22. bunnies
    17:55 19 Oct 2006
    get this girl some help!!!
  23. queenoftarts
    21:03 19 Oct 2006
    You and Chris Kane = match made in heaven. More please.
  24. chicca&sax
    00:48 Sat 21 Oct 2006
    first of all c.kane(i am a fashion ma student at central saint martins so i fuckin' know) has told u to advertise his own label. so , assuming u want to tell the truth, say it. please. do not tell u went to a shop and randomly found his stuff as long as his stuff is not in stores already. secondly I appreciate your sense of style and your aesthetic vision.most of all i like your photography work. so now, tell me, why are u boring us with whiny words about your presumed sickness and bullshits due to too much drugs? next time u 're making a so exciting project, that i strongly support, DUNNOT ruin it with sooo obvious / commercial / unusless / egocentric / masturbating / dodgy thoughs. thanks hope u think about it.i trust. will love margiela's.enjoyand take care of your doughta. ciao chicca
  25. partymonger
    03:11 22 Oct 2006
    i could watch her dance all nite long.... S-E-X-Y!!!!!!!!!