100 Photographers by Nick Knight

Launched on 07 September 2023

‘How to become a better photographer?’ It’s the question that master photographer Nick Knight set out to answer in his TikTok series 100 Photographers. To do so, Knight has curated a list of 100 influential image-makers that have inspired him thorughout his legendary career. Looking to broaden our knowledge of photography, he's breaking down the works of photographers from around the world.

Main Contributors




26 June 2020
Nick Knight and Kanye West join forces on the Yeezy Supply website.

Tumblr Takeover: Nick Knight #Answertime

14 July 2016
For one day only, Nick Knight took to the SHOWstudio Tumblr to answer as many questions as he could get through from curious SHOWstudio viewers and aspiring creatives.


14 June 2022
Exploring the visionary collision of sportswear and fashion, this project discusses and envisions the past and future of contemporary style, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Y-3.
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