Interview: Félix Larher

published on 10 April 2002

Penny Martin talks to filmmaker Félix Larher about his film Barbie Killer in Playland.

Penny Martin talks to filmmaker Félix Larher about his film Barbie Killer in Playland.

Penny Martin: Where did the idea for Barbie Killer in Playland come from?

Félix Larher: From an American badge which says 'Barbie for President' and, who would suspect the existence of a Barbie Killer! I love the contrasted elements together.

PM: Do you have a specific complaint about celebrity and corporate culture?

FL: I don't care about being famous or about celebrity also. My dog was famous for me.

PM: Can you describe how the project was put together?

FL: It came in a very spontaneous way. The project was: let's have fun first and see what happens from that.

PM: What sources do you usually use to initiate an idea?

FL: My sources are always a base of pictures I took, which includes elements in a global way. Then I animate them with paintings and colours.

PM: How does Barbie Killer in Playland relate to your own photographic practice?

FL: As Barbie Killer is all made from my own prints, it's the same as my prints but there's more freedom because I can't put all my characters from different countries in the same image and that’s the fun for me.

PM: Do you consider yourself as principally a photographer or an animator?

FL: Both.

PM: What difference does it make, showing your project on the Web?

FL: It can be seen by more people and to be mixed with others artists, whose work I
really like, makes me happy.

PM: Describe your career so far.

FL: It's just the start for me, but before I had a lot of freedom and I observed the different places where I've been.

PM: Who do consider to be your creative peers?

FL: I really like Basquiat for my understanding of his work and my influences are basically music, architecture, movies, animals and un-famous people and my mum.

PM: Tell us about your next project

FL: Exhibition at Galerie 213, Marion de Beaupré, in Paris, from the 19th April to 15th June 2002.

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