Black Saint

Launched on 17 June 2010

Inspired by a Greek Cypriot folk tale — Saint Black — musician, artist and poet Carson McColl took up residence in the at SHOWstudio in June 2010 to undertake a visceral and unique performance piece live on camera.

Main Contributors



High Concept Character

20 July 2018
Non-binary fashion collective ART SCHOOL hosted a LiveStudio, opening SHOWstudio's 2018 Queer project.

Selling Sex

09 May 2012
A number of female creatives were invited into the studio to present their work and creative process live on camera.

Transgressing Fashion

24 June 2004
In response to the Allied forces handover of power back to Iraq on 30th June 2004, artist Lucy Orta staged a 'protest performance' at the V&A in London.
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