Burberry Main Campaign A/W 19

Launched on 21 August 2019

After creating two previous campaigns together, Nick Knight and Burberry's Riccardo Tisci unite once more to capture the brand's A/W 19 main campaign. With creative direction by Peter Saville, the campaign envisions a barren dystopian world, in which youths have discovered a long-abandoned media centre. The footage, filmed by Britt Lloyd, captures an almost voyeuristic, home video as if the models had begun filming themselves within the desolate landscape.



The Thomas Burberry Monogram Collection

26 June 2019
Riccardo Tisci commissioned Nick Knight and a unique team of British creatives, including Peter Saville and Katy England, to bring the Thomas Burberry Monogram to life.


13 December 2001
The first ever global, live-streamed fashion shoot, in which nine top models were styled, made-up and put to bed at The Metropolitan Hotel.

Experiments In Advertising: The Films Of Erwin Blumenfeld

25 September 2006
A unique chance to see the previously undiscovered film footage of one of the most influential fashion photographers of all time.