Enter The Queendom

Launched on 06 April 2021

Nick Knight and Lady Gaga opened the next chapter in their decade-long, prolific working relationship to create an artistic universe for the prestigious French champagne house Dom Pérignon, collaborating on a series of spellbinding images and a fashion film by Britt Lloyd.

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Born This Way

28 February 2011
Lady Gaga's iconic Born This Way video, directed by Nick Knight. Plus exclusive extra content.

White Wedding

28 April 2008
Nick Knight, Kate Moss and Jake and Dinos Chapman took part in a grand collaboration with lingerie giant Agent Provocateur to mark the launch of their bridal range.

Lady Gaga: Vanity Fair

30 July 2010
The irrepressible Lady Gaga is captured on set during Nick Knight's shoot for the September 2010 issue of Vanity Fair.
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