Face Off

Launched on 07 June 2021

Ever-intrigued by the physical-digital hybrid, and fascinated by the growing culture of online face filters, Nick Knight called upon the designer, artist and creative maverick Gareth Wrighton and filmmaker Raquel Couceiro to realise various digital masks chosen with fantastical runway looks in mind. Envisioning how our multi-versal selves can invent multiple identities online, the resulting fashion film propels us towards a user-generated virtual future.



Rei, I Don't Exist

03 April 2012
Artist Rei Nadal curated a week-long Tumblr takeover on the subject of 'fashion fetish'.

Pussycat, Pussycat

20 April 2012
A web worthy exploration of society’s internet obsessions - adorable animals, Cara Delevingne and unapologetic aesthetic indulgence.


23 June 2012
A comic book tale for the social media generation, created by Perez Hilton, Katy England and Nick Knight for Garage Magazine.
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