Fashion in Film Festival 2008

Launched on 08 May 2008

Alfred Hitchcock once notoriously stated 'Blondes make the best victims', but uncharacteristically left the field open as to what exactly the best victims should be dressed in. This is a question 2008's Fashion in Film Festival set to answer under the banner-head If Looks Could Kill: Cinema’s Images of Fashion, Crime and Violence.



Studio Screenings: Gareth Pugh

17 April 2020
SHOWstudio launched an intimate film screening series, kicking off with one of London’s most celebrated designers Gareth Pugh presenting 'Cabaret' (1972).


21 May 2004
A set of mystery guests were invited to participate in a 23 course meal, prepared by the gastronomic alchemist Heston Blumenthal and photographed by Nick Knight for a visually decadent W Magazine shoot.

Bal Masqué

14 December 2006
In 2006, Nick Knight recieved the prestigious Möet & Chandon Fashion Tribute. To mark the occasion, he staged a lavish and spectacular Masked Ball.
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