Fashion Film

Fashion Film: Spaces of Desire

by Taskin Goec and Timo Kreitz on 4 May 2022

Virtual worlds can function as projection spaces for hopes, dreams, fears or desires. - fashion designer Taskin Goec.

Spotlighting the collaboration between fashion designer Taskin Goec and director Timo Kreitz, the Elastique Design-produced fashion film Spaces of Desire merges physical with digital fashion, highlighting the invisible boundaries set by material and virtual realities. Challenging the presence of digital garments in a physical space, Spaces of Desire relies on 3D simulations to create a world that toes the line between physical and virtual spaces.

Choosing to use the medium of fashion film to help realise the potentials of 'virtual spaces', Goec and Kreitz' Spaces of Desire purposefully hones in on the existence of both physical and virtual worlds in tandem, rather than as separate entities. With Goec affirming in a statement: 'Eventually, Timo and I did not compare two realities (digital and physical) -  instead we created one cohesive, immaterial space which is only accessible on the screen. As soon as the physical garments entered the space we created, they became separate/independent objects that evolve constantly.'

Virtual worlds can function as projection spaces for hopes, dreams, fears or desires. - fashion designer Taskin Goec.

Ajsa Selimovic, Liv Lamberth
Creative Direction:
Sarah Jennen
Hair and Make-up:
Kristin Roes
Tristan Siefert, Louis Josek
Jen Krause
Sound Design:
Zoë Mc Pherson
Digital Art:
Annika Meyer, Hadrien Ledieu, Justus Jäger
Jonas Damm
Title Design:
Henning Ramke
Technical Direction:
Tobias Hoffmann
Marie-Estelle Laudenbach
Camera Assistance:
Andrés Lizana Prado
Styling Assistance:
Lotte Schönfeld
Set Design Assistance:
Jonas Gruner
Production Assistance:
Sabina Stöckler
Production Design Assistance:
Katharina Kern



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