The Future of Fashion is: Artificial Intelligence

published on 22 October 2021

Is AI (artificial intelligence) our saviour or will it ultimately lead to our demise?

Is AI (artificial intelligence) our saviour or will it ultimately lead to our demise?

The future might not look as we expect. Here over 5,000 catwalk images from the last 20 years, taken from the SHOWstudio archives, are reimagined by an artificial intelligence system trained by the AI artist Mario Klingmann to use only the visual style of 16th century painter Hieronymus Bosch. Using the past to inform the future, this film records the results which culminate in an extraordinarily modern set of images.

The Future of Fashion Is: Artificial Intelligence

With artificial intelligence technology developing at a pace beyond human capabilities, artist Mario Klingemann and Nick Knight discuss discovering new aesthetic worlds using AI, whether we should be skeptical of the technology, and the role of the artist in harnessing its power to create our future.

Interview: The future of Artificial Intelligence with artist Mario Klingemann
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Nick Knight
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