Video: Creating URL Identities - @uglyworldwide, @materiesfecales + @creepyyeha

published on 21 October 2020

What makes the perfect Instagram?

In a unique animation, digital designer Nick Merdasi presents the Instagram profiles harnessing the power of the internet to create and promote their own unique image. The socials profiles of model Jazzelle Zaughnatti @uglyworldwide, design/music duo Fecal Matter @materiesfecales and designer Yeha Leung @creepyyeha are shown like never before, as the interface of Instagram is carefully pulled apart.

What makes the perfect Instagram?

3D Animation:
Jazzelle Zaughnatti, Fecal Matter, Yeha Leung



Interview: @creepyyeha on Instagram and Self-Branding

21 October 2020
Designer Yeha Leung aka @creepyyeha discusses devising an internet presence on Instagram and bypassing the traditional fashion system.
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