Launched on 03 February 2015

Tokyo-based fashion designer MIYABI collaborates with indie pop unit JYUJYU on a twisted music-video-cum-fashion-film. The work was produced by DID and explores the notion of the curse and the way youth culture is played out online. Featured clothing is by M5YKB, MIYABI's virtual fashion label, which exists only on the web and in visuals, with no actual garments for sale.

MIYABI's styling focuses on masks as a means of representing Japanese internet culture and the secrecy and anonymity that women such as SHIRAI and NEU - members of JYUJYU–toy with when posting edited 'selfies' while concealing their real identities. It was this paradox that inspired MIYABI, alongside the unmanageable, excessive visual noise of the web, hence the garments covered in haphazard imagery.

The work also draws on ideas of idolatry and the way worship culture has been affected by the mass entertainment industry. It draws particularly on the Japanese 'Noh farce' tradition of using a fake smile, a mask, during performances at all time.

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