Instagram Takeover: ideapdf

Launched on 01 September 2020

Tony Helal, curator of Instagram account @ideapdf, takes over the SHOWstudio Instagram account for the first week of September 2020. Exploring ambiguity, he explores the idea of walking through nature through a story with multiple interpretations, then pivots to the way we consume media and how the media consumes us in return.

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Instagram Takeover: Zeinab Batchelor

26 October 2020
Photographer Zeinab Batchelor takes over SHOWstudio's Instagram for four days in October 2020.

People, Not Clothes

22 August 2003
Photographer and founding member of the Buffalo collective Jamie Morgan presents three new films, and speaks to Christabel Stewart about his move to directing.


30 November 2004
SHOWstudio invited photographers, stylists, designers and directors both established and emerging into the SHOWstudio space to disclose their 'books' live on camera.
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