Instagram Takeover: Zeinab Batchelor

Launched on 23 October 2020

Photographer Zeinab Batchelor takes over SHOWstudio's Instagram for four days in October 2020. During the takeover, Batchelor discussed both her personal work and commissions, exploring themes which included representation for women and the concepts of personal identity and heritage, inspired as a result of storytelling and the passing down of tales and traditions. 

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Instagram Takeover: ideapdf

07 September 2020
Tony Helal, curator of Instagram account @ideapdf, takes over the SHOWstudio Instagram account for the first week of September 2020 to explore ambiguity from nature to media consumption via photographic references.

Instagram Takeover: Willy Ndatira

10 August 2020
Willy Ndatira–known to many for his curated Instagram feed @williamcult–took over SHOWstudio's Instagram in August 2020.

People, Not Clothes

22 August 2003
Photographer and founding member of the Buffalo collective Jamie Morgan presents three new films, and speaks to Christabel Stewart about his move to directing.
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