Lost In Music

Launched on 25 September 2015

Elaine Constantine’s interest in performance, transformation and obsession pervade her latest fashion film Lost in Music. Corresponding with an editorial in Flair magazine, the film captures female subjects in the throes of their performance: totally immersed in the moment, unconcerned with their outward appearance and transported by the sound of their band. One wonders if the subjects are locked into a groove or in the middle of a musician’s solo.



Lo-fi: Mark Szaszy

20 December 2000
Corinne Day features in this ad-hoc project from the early days of SHOWstudio.

Devil's Plaything

07 March 2002
Craig McDean captures a moment of pure, low-key rock 'n' roll at the Chelsea Hotel...


20 May 2002
In a tradition of 'musical model' films that date back to SHOWstudio's inception, Linda Evangelista stars in Nick Knight's fashion film Eclipse.
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